Will Squish Republicans Cave to Democrats on Guns?


We are grateful to Joe Biden, Oval Office Occupier. America’s arguments were fierce all weekend. But one thing is certain: there is no “gun discussion” in this country. It’s a drag-out, knockdown battle.

The past few days have seen more content about the topic. Friday’s column covered something that has been discussed in conversation quite a lot lately.

In over 50 years of shooting, my guns have never fired upon anyone. This is something that I often tell people. I have never been able or able to make this argument.

This question may seem a little simplistic but I would love for someone to answer it.

Democrats along the coast are quickly working to pass gun legislation. They have wild ideas like the one Matt shared this weekend.

A bill has been drafted by One House Democrat to limit assault weapon access as a response to mass shootings.

Rep. Donald Beyer (D. Virginia) is proposing to impose an excise tax of 1,000% on AR-15-type rifles in order to make them more accessible to the general public.

According to Business Insider, Beyer stated that “the fee was intended to create a new creative avenue for gun control. ”

Democrats haven’t seen a situation where they can’t tax until the end.

Pro-Second Amendment supporters worry that Republicans might be influenced to compromise on legislation that the Democrats call “commonsense”. Rumors circulated last Wednesday that some Republicans would compromise on the “red-flag laws,” which Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La) denounced.

In his latest Townhall column, Schlichter cites a variety of reasons why the GOP shouldn’t compromise on guns.

Republicans who want to join the Dems for guns and get a pat from The New York Times are doing so at their own peril. Chris Jacobs learned the hard way.

Kevin has more thoughts about fighting for the Second Amendment.

There is no way to agree between right and left on this matter, so Republicans need to be cautious. They’ll do it slowly and Republicans suffering from Swamp disease can support them.

Then it will be too late.