Attempted Coup Against Karine Jean-Pierre Unveils Startling Details


According to a recent report, top White officials tried to force Karine Jeanne-Pierre from her job at the end of 2023. Anita Dunn is Joe Biden’s top communications director and technically Jean Pierre’s superior.

Details of what happened are interesting and show the serious dysfunction in the Biden Administration. The result of a lack of knowledge is destruction.

The Post reported that Anita Dunn (66), the wife of Bob Bauer, Biden’s attorney, had told her colleagues she was calling prominent Democrats to explain to Jean-Pierre, age 49, why it was time to move on.

“There were several people she asked to engage Karine,” said one source who heard of the strategy directly from Dunn, whose role as a senior adviser has been filled during the past three presidencies by Jared Kushner (Donald Trump), Valerie Jarrett (Barack Obama) and Karl Rove (George W. Bush).

The source told The Post Dunn claimed that White House chief staff Jeff Zients was aware of and supported the cloak and dagger scheme to force Jean-Pierre from the West Wing.

The source stated that “there was an attempt to have outsiders whom Karine knew and trusted talk to her about the reasons why leaving last autumn would have been a great decision for her and her professional career.” She called it “an effort to encourage her to continue.”

It’s a long story, but Dunn and other prominent Democrats met with Jean-Pierre to try and seed her departure. They were probably trying to pull off a Jedi mind trick by suggesting with a wink or nod to Jean-Pierre that she would advance her career if she left. Jean-Pierre is still in her current position despite being called the worst White House Press Secretary in history.

Jean-Pierre has long been a source of frustration. She is prone to making verbal mistakes and appears to lack the ability to think quickly. Instead, she chooses to read pre-written answers that often do not relate to the question being asked. Jean-Pierre, instead of forming a good spin to counter the bad policies of Biden’s administration, is more likely to tell egregious liars that become news stories. A press secretary should be more slick than that.

What I find most interesting about this report is that if they are so desperate to get rid of Jean-Pierre, why haven’t they just fired her?

Answering that question is a no-brainer. It would be a bad look for a president to fire the “first lesbian, black, immigrant press secretary” who has made DEI an important part of his administration. Jean-Pierre’s job performance is not enough to protect her. She must also check the boxes that relate to her identity. The far left, and their adherents within the mainstream media, will not allow them to fire her.

According to a second source, The Post reported that “Jeff & Anita tried to find Karine an elegant exit” due to the negative optics of her being removed against her will.

This source said that Dunn had briefed multiple people on the project and that at least one person outside the administration spoke with Jean-Pierre.

Biden chose to hire a press secretary based on merit instead of going ‘woke.’ Now he is stuck with her in what has been the most controversial presidential election campaign ever. This is another wound he has inflicted on himself to appease his left wing.