Biden Shakes Things Up, Changing Routine Walk to Helicopter to Divert Attention from His Problems


It looks like Joe Biden’s handlers have been at it again.

Axios reports that they have a new technique to hide Biden’s problems and make him appear younger.

Why it matters: By walking between Biden’s position and the journalists’ cameras outside the White House’s entrance, aides reduce the attention drawn to his halting gait.

Zoom in: Biden’s advisers told Axios they were concerned about videos showing him walking alone, especially on the grass.

Axios reported that the president had told his aides a few weeks ago that he preferred a more informal approach. He suggested they walk with him.

The report stated that this trend began in mid-April, as nine of ten walks Biden has taken since April 16 have included aides walking around him. The report said that Biden has been accompanied by aides such as deputy chiefs Bruce Reed and Annie Tomasini, and Mike Donilon. The report states that the staff believes it is working and will continue to cover up.

They can also help him/hide in case he trips.

It’s not just about changing his shoes, which will make him less likely to trip. He also has to get out of the short staircase so that he won’t trip when he climbs into Air Force One. He also does physical therapy every day to improve his gait.

Do they not understand that it can look as if he’s incapable of walking alone?

This is the typical Biden response. You don’t want to deal with his incoherence and lack of ability, so you try to hide the issue. Keep spinning and covering up the situation with the old man who has a poor memory.

Even in the White House transcript, they handled his “Ron Burgundy moment” with care. In the White House transcript, they claimed that the word “pause” was “inaudible”, when in fact it was audible.

It doesn’t work. Even though they cover up his problems, people can still see them. They’ll see even more of them now that they are putting him in front of the public for all these events. They can only do so much to cover him. They can try this, but it only shows how different he is from former president Donald Trump who walks alone and gets cheered in even leftist bastions such as New York. The Biden team must be scrambling at this point to decide what to do.

This is not the right move.