There Was a Huge Mistake In the 2020 Census… Guess Which Party It Favored?


There was a serious problem with the 2020 Census. It was a serious problem that most people have never heard of.

Why didn’t the media focus on this story more? This could have been due to recent mass shootings. However, I have another theory.

These states were acknowledged by the Census as having overcounted their population: Hawaii, Rhode Island, Minnesota, New York, and Massachusetts.

These are the states that the Census has acknowledged were under-counted: Texas, Illinois, and Florida.

That’s very interesting. Did you know that the six states with the most votes voted in Biden in 2020, and the five states with the least voted in Trump’s favor in 2020?

These changes will have an important impact on national politics. Illinois, California and Ohio were all represented in the new congressional seats. Ohio and West Virginia lost one each. Ohio and Michigan are still eligible for at least one seat. States with higher populations may have lost only one seat.

Tate claims that it is suspicious that these errors were made and that Tate was able explain the timing.

Nothing can be done to correct it.

Are we to believe these were mistakes?

Americans have lost faith and confidence in the electoral system.