Joe Biden Is Angry That He’s Now Less Popular Than Donald Trump


Joe Biden is now nearly one year behind the polls. His botched withdrawal from Afghanistan caused his polls to plummet. This was only exacerbated by his incompetence in dealing with the nation’s most important issues such as the border crisis, COVID-19, and the supply chain crisis.

Despite how bad Joe Biden’s poll numbers were, they were still better than Trump’s. Trump came to office with low approval ratings. It doesn’t matter if you trust Trump’s poll numbers. They were never good.

Now Joe Biden’s problems are even worse… and he isn’t happy about it.

“In crisis after crisis, the White House has been either limited or ineffective in its efforts to defeat the forces that have pummeled them. The morale at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is falling amid growing concerns that the same fate awaits Jimmy Carter, another first-term Democrat, who was also plagued by soaring costs and a foreign policy morass. The president expressed frustration that his poll numbers are below Donald Trump’s. Biden frequently refers to Trump in private as “the worst president” in American history and a threat to the country’s democracy.

Politico tried to cover Biden by arguing that the White House was powerless to address the nation’s problems. It is as though Biden is an observer without any influence whatsoever. Biden spent his presidency blaming everyone and everything except himself for the nation’s problems.

However, Americans aren’t buying this finger-pointing and Biden’s approval ratings have fallen to new lows despite numerous attempts by the White House “reset” Biden’s presidency.

He’s furious about it. Really, really, angry.

According to a White House staffer, and a Democrat who has knowledge of the conversation, Biden is more prone than most to using salty language behind closed doors. He also recently reacted to being left out of the loop regarding the seriousness of the nation’s baby formula shortage. In a series of phone calls to his allies, he voiced his frustration at being left out of the loop about the baby formula shortage. His complaints were triggered by heartbreaking cable news coverage that showed young mothers screaming in fear of not being able to feed their children.

My point of view is that Joe Biden should be more concerned about solving these crises than how they make him look. Biden claimed to have the ability to solve problems and was the adult in the room. Biden has only proven to be the child-like petulant who doesn’t know how to solve problems and is unwilling or unable to take responsibility.