Florida Takes a Stand: Rejects Biden’s New Title IX Rules, Asserts State Authority


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has just told Biden’s administration to stop pounding sand over its new Title IX regulations. Oklahoma had announced it would not be complying with the new guidelines when DeSantis made his move.

Title IX was rewritten by the president to protect women against discrimination in college. However, some people argued that this was an attempt to redefine gender and to allow men with gender dysphoria to access women’s areas.

DeSantis, in a post to X, posted a video declaring Florida “will fight back and not comply.”

We will not allow Joe Biden to try to introduce men into the activities of women. Joe Biden cannot undermine the rights and responsibilities of parents. Joe Biden can’t abuse his constitutional authority to force these policies upon us in Florida.

Ashley Moody, the state’s Attorney General, said that Biden’s rules “shred women’s protections” on Tuesday.

“The idea that biological males would be eligible for scholarships for women is absurd. We will certainly challenge this betrayal in court.”

Ryan Walters, Oklahoma State Superintendent for Public Instruction, directed that school districts not follow the White House guidelines on Wednesday.

Walters, in a letter sent exclusively to the Washington Examiner on Wednesday, urged all superintendents to refrain from making policy changes based on Title IX, the controversial overhaul of the Title IX law, which redefines gender to include alleged gender identities. Walters referred to the Title IX reform as “illegal” because it is not compliant with Oklahoma laws.

Walters, a Washington Examiner reporter, said: “In Oklahoma, we do not bend to Biden’s senseless will eradicating the rights of women and putting them in danger.” This is why I have instructed all superintendents in my state not to accept Biden’s Title IX changes, which allow males to enter female bathrooms, dormitories, and locker rooms. These are places where women should be safe.

Walters called on other states to take Oklahoma’s example in opposing the Title IX amendments, saying: “It is time for all state leaders to stand up and stop this absurd charade which erases women, and puts their safety at risk.”

Transgender people are included in Title IX protections under the Biden administration, but no guidance has been provided on how this will be implemented. Some speculate that the White House would require universities to permit biological males into women’s locker rooms and bathrooms, as well as in women’s sports.