Your Internet Freedom at Risk: The Left’s Censorship Push Faces Resistance


The video below exposes the most outrageous lies that the media has spread about Donald Trump. It’s important to see how eager corporate media is to spread these lies.

The video is longer than 5 minutes due to the many examples.

These examples are possible because of the internet, which allows people to discover, find, and distribute the truth. The lie was quickly exposed before it could become an established narrative.

Imagine if we had not been able access to the truth. Imagine a world where the internet was so tightly controlled that facts could never reach the front pages. Even today, the narrative that Trump committed all of these horrible crimes is being spread.

Hunter Biden’s laptop story, if true, would be branded as “Russian misinformation”. The COVID-19 Pandemic would have been even more devastating had the truth been revealed about the origins and effectiveness of the virus’ vaccine, among other factors.

For a long time, we have known that the government has been manipulating Big Tech to censor people by corporate policies. An example is “The Twitter Files”.

We have a brand new example. According to the Washington Examiner, a DHS “misinformation researcher” was helping big tech companies create policies that would enable them to censor content that the Democrat Party deemed damaging:

Kate Starbird was a former “misinformation committee” chair at the Department of Homeland Security, accused of facilitating censorship. She testified behind closed doors before Congress. She consulted social media companies on their policies for content moderation.

Starbird is under scrutiny from House Republicans for her involvement with the Election Integrity Partnership, which was aimed at suppressing speech in advance of the 2020 election, and with the now-defunct Misinformation and Disinformation Subcommittee of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. They asked for her advice on how they could moderate the content.

The Examiner reported CBS failed to disclose Starbird’s connection with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. They also didn’t mention that the University of Washington, where Starbird works, received $2.25M in 2021 from the National Science Foundation to “mitigate online disinformation “.

Without the dissemination of this information, it would have been impossible to make available information online.

The Post discovered that the efforts to censor voting information go even further.

The Center for an Informed Public has received checks from leftist foundations. Center for an Informed Public received checks from leftist organizations.

It’s frightening to see how our government is trying to manipulate us and deceive us using the corporate media and big tech companies. It’s the most brutal attempt at subjugation in American history. The situation is only going to get worse, as the Biden administration prioritizes creating government organizations dedicated to monitoring data.

Your information can be both your sword AND shield in the digital age. Leftists are aware of this, and they’re trying to remove your weapons so you become less dangerous.

This administration has a dangerous reputation.

It is difficult to silence us when we have the support of our readers. We work hard on the front page as well as the subscriber page to earn it.

We are not the only ones targeted by these attacks. The censorship efforts are directed at any organization, outlet, or person who does not follow the left.

Biden’s removal from office is necessary because this type of censorship can not be tolerated. The internet is the most important source of information.

Borders can be closed and economies can be rebuilt. A lost right is only regained through great tragedy and loss.

They fear you because you want to spread the truth. The attacks on conservative websites are an attempt to manipulate you.

The fight isn’t just about websites. The real issue is your right to speak up, learn, and make decisions on your own.