Southern Border Under Siege: Cartels Take Control, Targeting Sheriffs for Intel


The situation at the southern border of the United States, which Joe Biden and Democrats created, seems to get worse and scarier every day. Democrats’ “humane” idea seems to include drug and human trafficking and girls and women being raped regularly. Illegals are also living in America’s cities, with no place to go, once they arrive. Joe Biden has made millions of dollars from the drug cartels, who have largely taken control of the border and are getting more brazen.

Terrell County Sherriff Thaddeus Clifton said on Tuesday during an interview with NewsNation that cartel members have been using social media to intimidate other officials, including him. Cleveland continued to claim that cartels regularly check his Facebook page because Cleveland posts about the Sheriff’s Department’s border work. He claims that it is because of his work that he was called vulgar names and that he had been threatened. The members told Cleveland they were “watching” him and his wife.

He stated that not only do cartel members threaten Cleveland and other officials in law enforcement, but they also gather information on these officials via social media accounts. During his 26 years of law enforcement, he said that cartel members had “hits” on agents at different times. Like many law enforcement officers, he believes threats are part of the job.

You know that it comes with being a law enforcement officer. You accept the risk and don’t allow it to consume your thoughts.

The internet and social media are not only used by cartel members to threaten local Sheriffs. The cartels can also track cargo entering the U.S. to make sure it’s undetected. Human trafficking is what makes drug cartels billionaires and turns the southern border into a war zone between cartels as they fight for control of smuggling routes. They make sure that no one is allowed to cross the border without paying. One cartel member acknowledged that human smuggling is “more profitable” than ever. He continued:

“Nobody wants to do anything else at the moment. It is easy and profitable to work with migrants these days. It is currently more profitable to smuggle immigrants than it is to traffic bricks of cocaine. There are also less risks if you do get caught.

The cartel member confirmed the fact that two gangs, one associated with Juarez and the other with the notorious Sinaloa cartel, are fighting over control of the illegal immigration human smuggling businesses that began in Mexican border towns. However, they have easily spread to U.S. border towns. These numbers answer the question as to why border officials and sheriffs are under threat. Just in the Del Rio sector, a mere 245-mile stretch along the border, cartels bring in $32 million per week by bringing illegal migrants across the border. In 2021 the cartels made roughly $13 billion. This amount is certain to have increased in the years since. You would also threaten to stop the cash flow if you had that much money.

It will take the next President to send the U.S. Military to the border to end the Democrats’ border nightmare and Joe Biden’s control of the southern border. This will hopefully happen before the threats against Sheriff Cleveland, and other law enforcement officers become actions.