Controversy Erupts as Authorities Investigate Parents of Remarkably Independent Seven-Year-Old


I often come across posts from Millennials or Gen Zers asking how Gen Xers can stay out of the generational conflict. If you want to blame us, go ahead. Don’t worry. It’s not important to us.

Our generation is responsible for some of the worst and best music and fashion that have ever been seen in America. Despite our tech-savvy nature, we still know how to read analog clocks and write in cursive. And we can drive a stick shift. Neither do we care about pronouns or affirmations.

The majority of us were responsible for our own needs. We had to do things on our own. I walked to the mall or the store. If it were too far, I would take the bus.

I don’t think a child could do it anymore. Some would say the world is safer today, but atrocities and crimes happened when I was a kid. I was walking with a friend to school one morning and he was abducted, sexually abused, and murdered.

America is violent and perverse.

There is a tendency to see independent thinking and actions as suspect. They can even be subversive.

The Widner family in Canton, Georgia.

He was held until the police arrived. Jackson had been taught not to talk to strangers and refused to share any information with the police. Jackson was detained until the police arrived. He had been taught not to talk to strangers. ”

After talking with the family for six hours, the caseworker concluded that nothing was wrong. Her children could benefit from Widners’ approach to childrearing.

Jackson rode his bike for the first time on January 2, 2009. Jackson took his new bike out for a spin the following January 2.

It’s a code that means “I don’t have a case to make but I want to scare you into agreeing or complying.” Glenn was threatened by an officer with jail time and a felony for contributing to the delinquency of a child.

CPS sent out a new caseworker. The Widner’s were told they violated a statute she could not cite. She accused Glenn & Beth Widner of not being able to supervise their children. They refused to do this.

Let it Grow & Reason organized a meeting between the Widners and the Governor of Georgia to discuss the issue. They also discussed the creation of the “Reasonable Childhood Independence Law”, which would codify the fact that parents who put their children in danger differ from those who let them be out of their sight for just a few minutes.

Lavrentiy Beria, one of the most feared members of the secret police under Stalin, once boasted, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.” “This is what happens when societies place too much emphasis on government and power, and not enough focus on people.”

There is no doubt about the importance of protecting children who are in danger. The seven-year-old child who wants some free cookies does not fall into this category.