You’ll Never Guess Where AOC Has Found Racism Now


It is a tremendous blessing to our troubled republic that there are clear-sighted, selfless public officials of the calibre of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-Make Mine A Double), who keep us all on the right track with her constant vigilance for the cause of truth and justice and the socialist internationalist way.

AOC stated to Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, that “I believe the world is watching” and that many refugees and immigrants are also watching. The world should treat all refugees in America the same way it treats Ukrainen refugees.

Strangely, for such an original and pioneering thinker, AOC actually echoed claims made by the New York Times at the end February: “Russian invasion of Ukraine has pushed thousands out of their homes and forced them to flee across borders to escape violence.” They are welcomed, not unlike the thousands of refugees who have fled Europe during crises in the last decade. As Russian forces launch a massive military offensive, countries that had for years refused to accept refugees from wars such as those in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are now open to Ukrainians.

Many of these migrants arrived to benefit from the generosity of European welfare countries. Thomas de Maiziere, the German Interior Minister, stated that many migrants want to settle in Germany due to its “procedures & reception conditions are generous” as well as “the benefits and refugees are quite high.” More than 40% of German welfare recipients are migrants. Nearly 700,000 migrants in Sweden receive money from the state.

However, no one is talking about Ukrainians moving to Europe for welfare. They also share a common religion and culture, something that is not possible for Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans or Afghans. This is why it matters. Take the recent arrests of Afghan refugees in America for sexual assault and spousal abuse. One of them cleverly explained that such behavior was allowed in his culture. It is likely that there will be more trouble for those of a different religious and cultural outlook than the Ukrainians. However, Ukrainian culture doesn’t allow behavior that is illegal in the U.S. or Europe.

There is also the threat of jihadi violence from Muslim migrants, who bring with them the belief that they have a moral obligation to wage war on unbelievers. This is supported by ample evidence. The majority of 130 Parisian jihadis who killed in Paris in November 2015 were refugees. Patrick Calvar (head of France’s DGSI intelligence agency) stated that the Islamic State was using migrants routes through the Balkans in order to bring jihadis to Europe on May 10, 2016.

This is all evidence that AOC is wrong. It’s not racism that any country is more open to Ukrainians than it welcomes Syrians or Afghans. This is a fair assessment of the facts.