WaPo Reporter Viciously Attacks Parents Concerned About Scholastics Book Fairs Promoting Radical Ideologies


This is the first time you’ve ever read a children’s book. These are two excerpts from George, a book by Alex Gino about a transgender boy, which was published by Scholastic Press and made available to schools across the country.

George saw Tina, a beautiful woman, in an interview that was broadcast on television a few month ago. Her skin was golden brown, her hair had blond highlights and she had long, shining fingernails. After Tina was born a boy, the interviewer asked her if she had had the surgery. The woman answered that she was transgender and that the things between her legs were her and her boyfriend’s.

George understood that it was possible. It was possible for a boy to become a girl. After reading on the Internet, she realized that you could use girl hormones to change your body. You could also get many different surgeries if necessary. This is called transitioning. With a drug called an adrogen blocking medication, you could start even before age 18. These pills stop the boy hormones in your body from making you a man. You will need permission from your parents to do this.

Ron Charles, a Washington Post book reviewer, believes that if you object to this type of content being sold your children, you are an intolerant nut.

Heroes of Liberty has started a petition to remove Scholastic from schools. The Washington Post called us “book banners” for our efforts to remove Scholastic from schools. It also described our work as a “pathetic attempt to add its embers the book-banning madness.” However, millions of parents don’t want their children to have access to inappropriate material. This is parenting, not censorship.

The Left wants us to be gaslighted and portray Scholastic as “revered 100 year-old publisher that inspired generations to love reading.” It’s what they used to be, but no longer. It has become a dark and sinister force that promotes critical gender and race ideology to children.

Their concern is that we are not woken, but have woken up. They will continue to use the old tactics of calling it racist, bigoted and transphobic. Post-COVID, this strategy isn’t as effective as it was once. Millions of American parents witnessed firsthand the Zoom school’s progressive propaganda, with a little bit of literacy and math. In many children’s teachers for more than a year. Schools were often closed for longer periods of time, depending on how liberal they were. These same liberals who made parents homeroom teachers to keep their jobs, now have the nerve to tell us we don’t have any right to comment on the reading material they make available to our children. They see mothers as breeding grounds for the state and nothing else.