Is This the Dumbest Claim Jen Psaki Has Ever Made?


Sometimes, I wonder about Jen Psaki. How did she become White House Press Secretary? How did she keep her job? Sometimes, I don’t know if she lies to us or if she lives in another universe and believes the horse manure that she shovels.

This is an example: Psaki responded to a question regarding John Bolton’s bizarre speculations that Trump might have pulled the United States from NATO in a second term. He claimed that the American people were “grateful” for Biden’s new approach to foreign relations.

She said, “Well, that’s that’s why I think that’s that’s another reason why Americans are grateful — the vast majority of Americans — that President Biden is not following the lead of his predecessor in global engagement and global leadership.” We could be in a completely different place.

The question Psaki answered was completely absurd, and the premise on which she responded was not true. Bolton’s idea that Trump would pull us out of NATO is difficult to explain, since the former president vigorously tried to get the other NATO countries to pay their dues. This made the alliance stronger.

Psaki is completely wrong about Americans’ opinions. Recent polls show that 62% believe Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still in office.

Psaki’s shocking comment came on the same day as Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said that the administration might consider buying oil from terrorists. This comes just days after Psaki admitted inadvertently that Putin likes to invade other nations when Democrats are in power.

She said that she was at the State Department and that the president was vice-president. The last time Russia invaded Ukraine, she was there. “This is a pattern for horror from… President Putin, and his cronies.”

Is Psaki really a believer that Americans are grateful to Biden’s “global engagement” and “global leadership” approach when it allowed Putin to invade Ukraine and gas prices to soar, and our tax dollars for terror-sponsoring countries?

Trump’s leadership strengthened NATO while keeping Russia at bay. Putin apologists are the only Americans who can be thankful for Biden’s approach.