You’ll Never Believe the Contacts on Hunter’s iPhone


Hunter’s iPhone is the object of most prurient attention since 4Chan users began releasing data from his Laptop from Hell.

Hunter Biden has made contact with the FBI’s Cyber Division Section Head Michael Harrington.

Hunter’s note at bottom: Did you see it? “Only contact if absolutely required.”

Biden admitted that he lost three laptops in his crack binges. I think it’s possible that the “absolutely essential” came more often than anyone could have imagined.

Area code 202 refers to Washington, DC. You can be certain that Harrington is being contacted by “journalists” representing several national outfits.

Herb Stapleton is the FBI’s Deputy Director for Cyber Capabilities Branch. Area Code 571 refers to northern Virginia, which is where most federal bureaucrats reside. I’m sure he has at least one reporter on his lawn.

It’s not difficult to imagine why someone with Hunter Bidens business contacts, proclivities, and connections would be interested in cyber security.

Hunter’s iPhone also contained multiple references to “Pedo Peter”.