The Global Food Crisis is A Real Threat


Unrest is occurring all over the world due to supply chain and food security issues. The legacy media tried to ignore The Farmer Rebellion of The Netherlands. Rebel News is refusing to allow that to happen. They have embedded reporters in the country for several months and broadcast it to the rest of the world.

Rebel News reporters cover the protests in Holland over new restrictions on nitrogen fertilizers and animal farming. Rutte could force farmers to abandon their land and kill their livestock to meet these targets.

Protests against the green scheme began three years ago. In recent weeks, they have returned with thousands of farmers blocking roads, legislatures, airports, and other infrastructures. They also formed convoys in cities throughout the Netherlands.

It is not reality. Reality is fine. Nature is beautiful. The farming is good. We need to get our government back to reality.

That return to Reality slapped the Sri Lankan prime minister and president square in the face this weekend when the people rose up and said, “Enough.”

The Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka was protested by thousands of citizens against the government’s mismanagement of the country’s natural resources and assets. The leaders had given in to the demands of international environmental extremists.

Now, the government has collapsed under pressure, with the resignation of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, and the breach of the residence left 39 injured, according to reports from numerous outlets.

Author, activist and former California gubernatorial candidate Michael Shellenberger is calling it in a pivotal thread. His final thought:

What’s happening in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka is just the beginning of a growing popular backlash against globalizing green elites. There will be much more of this to come.

He is correct. America has “more to do”. We are still treading water.

Ice Age farmer, a podcaster/researcher, has been warning people about U.S. and global occurrences involving the deliberate destruction of our food supply.

“If you look back enough you’ll see that there was a controlled shut down of food production. ”

The Ice Age Farmers excel in providing a variety of receipts that provide credence. This chart shows plants that have been attacked in the past.

The bottom line is that Americans must wake up and pay more attention. Next, plan.

Take a look at their plans for fossil fuels. They are selling strategic reserves to foreign countries.

The food supply is in serious danger and has been for many decades

Country and suburban dwellers are ahead because they have the land and space to use. If you want to live well, it is important to protect your land.

This is bad news for urban dwellers. Soon, it will be you.

These websites provide constant updates on the supply-chain crisis. Off-Grid Survival refers to areas of high population density.

High-population areas will be the hardest hit by a food shortage.

There will be riots in the streets. They lack the mental and physical strength, skills, and supplies to survive for more than a few days without food.

Ice Age Farmer encourages people to be self-sufficient in food, water, and energy. For those who are not dependent on the grid, honey, eggs, and seeds have become viable forms of commerce. Ice Age Farmer is willing to help neophytes to learn how to sustain themselves by connecting them with others who have.

It is wise for everyone to begin somewhere, and to start today.

Our household has already contracted with local suppliers of meat and poultry. I’m also interested in starting a conversation and buying or bartering with my neighbor who keeps chickens.

Or where should you start?

This paradigm shift will be necessary for many areas but is essential as governments continue to promote depopulation and destruction.

This video features Ice Age Farmer discussing exactly that.

It is 20 minutes long but is well worth the time it takes to watch.