America’s Cop-Hating Cities Will Soon Face an Ugly Reckoning


Two years have passed since the “Summer of Mostly Peaceful Fiery Violence”, and most of the country is now moving on. Surprisingly, Granny Boxwine’s super-woke commie blue cities are now embraced by the Democratic elite. However, there is a slight shortage of cops. It turned out that Barack Obama, His High Holiness The Lightbringer, is the only Democrat who can consistently ignore law enforcement while still receiving adequate armed protection.

Yesterday, Athena wrote about the sad state of affairs in one of the showcase progressive hellholes that she visited two years ago.

The progressive American culture is so hostile to law enforcement that many police agencies across the nation are having difficulty hiring adequate personnel. This problem is especially acute in large urban centers. A shocking new video shows how low community relations have fallen with law enforcement.

Seattle, Wash., Washington, D.C., St. Paul, Minn., and Minneapolis, Minn., among other prominent cities, are currently searching for someone brave or foolish enough to lead their police departments. Let’s focus on Minneapolis.

You probably heard of George Floyd, a fine and upright citizen from Minneapolis. He was intoxicated with fentanyl. The officers were sentenced to lengthy prison terms and rioting. The Minneapolis Police Department is still in operation two years later. More than 100 officers are sworn short of the 731 minimum legal requirement. MPD currently has 629 officers. This is compared to the 902 officers who were there only weeks before Floyd’s death.

Honestly, it’s surprising that there are so many cops left after the cruelty with which city officials turned against law enforcement in an effort to canonize George Floyd.

Athena’s post concerns a disturbing video taken in St. Paul, Minn., and showing some toddlers who are not well-reared attacking police officers.

The video shows a group of children and toddlers interacting with two officers. A four-year-old boy, who is barefoot, attacks the officers repeatedly, being pushed by his older siblings.

The tyke yells, “Shut up! He fails to get a response and moves in to strike an officer. The boy protests “Hey,” and the boy continues, “Shut down, b*tch.” A child then accuses him of pushing around a small child.

One officer says, “These guys don’t play around,” to another.

The child screams, “F*ck off!” The child screams at the officer, then he slams him with more insults and postures. He is referred to as “deep-fried Oreo heads” by an older boy behind him. The abuse goes on for several seconds before the officers leave. Qualls points out that although Alpha News only publishes 30 seconds of the video, it continues for two more minutes.

If the children had enough muscle mass, they would have faced a hostile crowd, a dangerous situation, and not just a deeply sad one.

These future Democrat leaders will not be anomalies. The American left was already vehemently against law enforcement during the Obama years, and this was aided by the man at the top. This hatred was approved by the Democratic leadership and turned into fervent frothing hate in 2020.

Many big cities that “defund police” quickly realized their mistakes and attempted to repair some of the damage. However, this was mostly unsuccessful. Blaming cops is a common tactic that sticks with cops. As dangerous and difficult as it is, why would anyone want it in a city that favors criminals?

This is not going to work out for these cities in the coming years. Dwindling police presence has no doubt given the opportunity to criminal elements that thrived in these areas during summer 2020. I like broad generalizations and I will say that criminals don’t clean up after themselves if they aren’t supervised.

It’s unlikely that the cities with violent “defunding” policies will be able to raise enough money to hire new officers. It would be a delight if cities that have cut their budgets for police ended up paying more to get officers back.

The dregs in their local societies will almost certainly be looking for an excuse to peacefully protest the Democrats and get some more merchandise.

The left lacks principles or ideas that can be translated into coherent policies. It merely uses slogans such as “Defund the Police”, which are often used in criminally irresponsible mainstream media.

Many blue cities in America will soon discover that hashtag governing has serious and lasting consequences.