You Won’t Believe Why the Left Is Coming for Dave Chappelle This Time


Over the past few years, comedian Dave Chappelle has been making a fuss about the Left for his comedy specials. They are now furious at him because he uses his success to keep his small community small. Chappelle lives outside of Dayton in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The village’s population was slightly less than 4,000 in 2019. Yellow Springs is described by one travel website as “the most hippie-friendly and colorful town” in Ohio. Pictures of the downtown are colorful and picturesque. It is home to approximately 3,500 people, Antioch College and a vibrant downtown. There’s also a dairy farm that works, a nature preserve, and the “Yellow Spring” which the town is named for.

On Thursday morning, Chappelle was trending on Twitter for lambasting his local council and threatening to withdraw $65 million of business investments if they approve a “affordable housing project.” As every plan demonstrates, affordable housing refers to high-density, low-income housing. According to the Dayton Daily News the Oberor proposal included single-family homes as well as duplexes and townhomes. The donation included 1.75 acres of land for future affordable housing. It was not possible to use this amount of land by builders for high-density apartments, but it could be used to make them “affordable”.

Residents including Chappelle voted against the plans. The comedian, who is the most well-known resident of the town, also used his considerable influence to stop the project. Rolling Stone lays blame on Chappelle for the demise of the development plan.

However, opposition from Chappelle, who threatened to withdraw his Yellow Springs business ventures if the plan was approved — and other members in the Yellow Springs community, led to the council rejecting the proposal Monday night February 7. Instead, they opted for the original plan, which consisted of 143 single-family homes starting at $300,000.

His company, Iron Table Holdings LLC is responsible for Chappelle’s numerous dealings in Yellow Springs. He’s reportedly launching a restaurant called Firehouse Eatery as well as a comedy club called Live from YS. Chappelle bragged about his company’s $65 million per year as he threatened to end his own business ventures at the Monday council meeting.

Chappelle stated, “I can’t believe you would make my audition for you.” “You look like clowns. “I am not lying, I will accept it all.”

Chappell’s objections and those of other nearby residents raised concerns in December about traffic congestion and pedestrian sidewalks.

Chappelle, who is located adjacent to the development, stated that he was “adamantly opposed to” the project.

“I have invested millions in this town. He said that if you push the issue through, then what I am investing in will no longer be applicable.” Oberer could buy this property from me, if they wish to be my benefactor. I won’t want to.”

Chappelle said, “We should be more visionary than reactionary because this place has immense potential and Oberer isn’t the only solution.”

It shouldn’t have been surprised that the comedian, who is well-known worldwide, decided to use his influence during the council vote. It is not clear why council members of a town with between 3,500 to 4,000 inhabitants have “housing objectives.” Particularly goals for affordable housing. You may remember President Trump saying that Joe Biden wanted the suburbs to be abolished. Yellow Springs’ project is one example of this plan.

Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill received bipartisan support. It dangled millions in front of local leaders in order to eliminate so-called exclusionary zoning. The Obama administration’s Affirmatively Promoting Fair Housing Rule began in earnest with the cutting down of neighborhoods and dotting them in high-density apartments complexes and other rental properties. Trump’s administration has eliminated this rule. The infrastructure bill codified a lot of the regulations into law, rather than implementing them again.

Many large blue cities like Seattle and Minneapolis have ended single-family Zoning. Others are still considering it. Oregon has ended single-family zoning in all cities that have more than 10,000 residents. The Left’s position is best summarized by Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg

Mayor Darrell Steinberg stated that everyone should be able to play and live in Land Park. “That’s the Sacramento we all love and value. This drive for equity and inclusion is the driving force behind our city and will continue long after my tenure.

It might be sensible if the zoning changes were restricted to large cities, where housing is scarce. But that would not be enough to meet Democrats’ electoral ambitions. Large cities already have a large surplus of Democrat voters that is more than what is required to win comfortably. Democrats want to move more voters into exurbs and suburbs where there are fewer candidates winning races. If enough Democrats are moved out of the city and into high-density housing, a suburb district that consistently votes Republican by 3-4% can easily become blue. Many purple districts could be voted into Democratic control.

Democrats make affordable housing a matter of racial prejudice to achieve their goals. Yellow Springs residents expressed concern about the issue as a lifestyle matter. The increased traffic caused concern among parents about the safety of their children. Many residents claim that the plans did not include safe pedestrian paths. Your Yellow Springs hippie council member will shame you if your are objections to low-income housing with higher density.

Marianne MacQueen, a Council member, stated that she supported moving forward with the PUD in order to provide affordable housing options.

“I want people think about what it means when they say that they don’t like this housing. Yellow Springs is changing, and will continue to evolve. She said that this is the way of life. We can have Residential-A subdivisions or what we have been striving for — single-family homes, duplexes and attached housing, as well as affordable housing.

All across the country, initiatives similar to those Yellow Springs considered are being proposed. The Left will continue to target Chappelle in order to end the zoning discussions in his community. Yellow Springs residents and others who want their communities to be governed locally should call for an end to property taxes. Mayor Steinberg claims that anyone can live anywhere. Residents can contribute to the additional sales tax.

Renting or being subsidized doesn’t buy beautiful parks, great teachers, or clean sidewalks. Tax dollars do. Contrary to what the Left believes, it is a privilege to live in a place that has these amenities. It is unfair that a small number of property owners have to pay more for the service they receive. It would be fair for everyone to pay a little more for the items they purchase. The radical left should also agree, since their social justice agenda revolves around life being fair.