Illinois College Students Want Hate-Crime Culprit Expelled — Until They Find Out Who She Is


It is time to end all racism on college campuses. Students from Leftist institutions might be asked to leave. Take the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville case. A racist left racist text messages on a student’s dormitory door.

The victim reported it to College Fix on January 23, 2022. Students were determined to kill the person or people responsible.

Local news reported that students protested for the scalp of a female student of color. The investigation was closed before her expulsion was announced. “I feel like she shouldn’t be on campus. “You threatened to lynch students on this campus.” He claimed that the incident would result in a drop in enrollment of black students at the school.

To minimize the psychological trauma caused to students by the incident, the entire SIU Edwardsville campus apparatus mobilized. Title IX officials from the campus, housing and police all stepped up to help students and to punish the perpetrator.

We now know the identity of the perpetrator, according to the charges papers.

Kaliyeha C. Mabins was arrested Friday on three counts of disorderly conduct as well as reporting hate crimes.

Although the administration claimed that such hate-crime hoaxes are “isolated and rare”, it didn’t deny that this incident should remind everyone “how important it is to preserve and protect due process and fairness.” ”

Jussie Smollett was convicted of fabricating his hate crime in December. Clay Travis, a commentator, stated that the demand for racist hatred is far greater than the supply. We see one racial hoax upon another. ”

People don’t feel happy until they are made to suffer — the highest form of power of the Left.