Biden’s New Energy Department Pick Is His Most Outrageous and Appalling Yet


Sam Brinton (“they/them”) had some “pretty big news” for his LinkedIn friends and followers recently. Brinton proudly stated that he will “even be (to mine) the first gender fluid person within federal government leadership.” But he is so much more. To my knowledge, he is the first drag queen to be elected to a public office of trust and to openly discuss his love for sex.

Brinton’s LinkedIn profile identifies him as “Solving #NuclearWaste Problems in the World and Protecting LGBTQ Youth From #ConversionTherapy.” And the geeky one. #sexynerd” He also combined his life’s interests in government work before. According to his bio, he gave to the “LGBTQ Religious Archives Network”, “Sam wore his stilettos both to Congress to counsel legislators on nuclear policy and to White House where he advised President Obama (and Michelle Obama) on LGBT issues.”

Brinton is also involved with “puppy play,” which involves grown men acting like animals and wearing dog masks to get their sexual pleasure. Metro Weekly published a 2016 article about Sam Brinton. The accompanying photo clearly shows that Sam is Sam Brinton. Brinton is described in the article as the “handler” for the men pretending they are puppies. An accompanying photo shows that Sam Brinton is the same person.

Brinton also explains the problems inherent in this game. “I actually have trouble transitioning from pup play to having sexual relations. Brinton also defends this concept against any strait-laced normies that might object to it.

Brinton’s appointment as Secretary of Energy shows that the LGBTQ “community”, and its allies on Left, aren’t only interested in tolerance and peaceful coexistence. They are determined to force Americans into accepting behavior like the one Brinton is embracing and celebrating as normal. Anybody who dares say anything negative or harmful about Brinton’s lifestyle will be called “homophobic” and whatever other phobia of today. Everyone at the Department of Energy must pretend that Brinton is normal and that he is the Deputy Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition at the Office of Nuclear Energy. Otherwise, they could face professional and even personal ruin.

Imagine what they will think in Moscow or Beijing when they see pictures of Brinton and his “puppy” friends. They will think America is morally corrupt and ready for its downfall. How can the appointment of Sam Brinton as the Department of Energy not signal that America is morally corrupt, rotten at the core, and on verge of its destruction?

Brinton’s appointment will be accepted without protest or demur. Republicans are equally afraid of Democrats appearing puppy-sex-phobic. Biden’s handlers have the right to make whatever appointments they like, but it doesn’t matter: America will always exist.