Wray’s Claim About FBI and School Boards ‘Not Accurate,’ Twitter Says


I love Twitter’s “Community Notes,” a crowdsourced fact-checking feature and context-adding tool that has consistently exposed politicians for their false or misleading statements. They were back at it on Thursday, this time slamming FBI Director Chris Wray. His agency had tweeted that the FBI “is not and has never done business in policing speech by parents at board meetings …”

Community Notes disagrees with Wray and added some “context” in response to his claim.

The FBI’s claim is false. Former FBI agent Steve Friend told the House Judiciary Committee on May 18, 2023, that he was ordered to monitor and document parents at school board meetings.

Notes don’t make wild claims. They provide a helpful link to a C-SPAN clip showing FBI agent Steve Friend, who was suspended in May, testifying before the House Select Subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government. He said in his testimony that the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI did conduct surveillance on school boards. On Thursday he called Wray outright a liar.

The friend claims that he has been suspended from the FBI as a retaliatory measure because he is a whistleblower. My colleague at the time, reported it in May.

Steve Friend is one of the people who allege retaliation. He was a former Special Agent and claimed he had been suspended for disclosing how they handled cases involving Domestic Violence Extremism, as well as how they handled Jan. 6th. His security clearance was also revoked this month. He claimed that they did not adhere to FBI practices and gave a false impression of the danger posed by such extremists.

This false impression is in line with the constant propaganda Joe Biden uses about “evil MAGA extremists” and domestic extremism.

Wray’s assertion that the FBI did not investigate or monitor school boards is also in direct contradiction to the evidence. This includes the infamous memo written by Attorney General Merrick G. Garland in collusion with the National School Boards Association. Garland stated:

Garland wrote that while a spirited debate on policy issues is protected by our Constitution, this protection does not include threats of violence or attempts to intimidate people based on their opinions. She sent the memo to FBI Director Christopher Wray and federal prosecutors. Threats against public employees are not only illegal but also go against our nation’s core values.

The AG said that those who devote their time and effort to ensure our children get a good education in a secure environment should be able to do their job without having to worry about their safety.

DOJ did not like the fact that parents in their county were unhappy about things such as excessive sexual content being taught in school, mask mandates, and Critical Race Theory. They let local school boards know. Despite the NSBA’s and DOJ’s claims that violent incidents were occurring at school board meetings, I have found a few serious incidents that involved more than a couple of punches (which should be the responsibility of local law enforcement). The majority of incidents involved parents who tried to speak with boards but were shut down.

The most violent incident was probably when Antifa confronted parents in Glendale (California) who were tired of the Pride Month propaganda that was being thrown at the children. The fights broke out in the hallway, not even inside the boardroom. Does the FBI investigate Antifa? The FBI doesn’t appear to be a priority.