Biden’s NATO Gaffes Put US Security at Risk


The establishment media is still telling tall stories about the tough questions that a barely coherent 80-year-old asks his staffers in private. At the NATO summit, the Real Joe was clearly visible, not the no-nonsense, lucid leader of the media myth. He was confused, inarticulate, and rude. Was the United States embarrassed on the international stage? That would be being polite.

Fox News reported Wednesday that Old Joe “referred to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as ‘Vladimir,’ seemingly confusing Zelenskyy with Russian President Vladimir Putin.” To be sure, “Volodymyr” is the Ukrainian form of “Vladimir,” so Biden wasn’t all that far off — just about as far as Moscow is from Kyiv.

Biden, as if this weren’t bad enough, later confused Russia with Ukraine. He said: “Russia could stop the war tomorrow by withdrawing their forces from Ukraine, recognizing Ukraine’s international borders, and ceasing to attack – cease its inhumane assaults – against Russia. I mean, by Russia, on Ukraine.”

As Old Joe and Zelensky fielded questions, a reporter asked the Ukrainian president: “How soon after the war would you like to join NATO?” For no apparent reason, this angered President Dementia, who snapped back peevishly: “An hour and 20 minutes.” Then he sneered at the reporter, saying, “You guys ask really insightful questions.”

The senescent corruptor was at it again on Thursday, referring to Katrin Jakobsdottir as “a daughter of Ireland”. This time, he seemed to realize that he’d made a mistake, and continued, “Daughter? Home? You can tell it’s a Freudian error. Not his taxpayer-funded beach house in Delaware or Scranton, Pennsylvania. But Ireland. Despite the fact that the New York Post reminded us, Biden’s “best known Irish ancestors” immigrated to the US between 1840 and 1950.

All right. Joe may have been referring to the homeland of his sainted forefathers, his true home, or the place where he feels the most loyalties, which is not America. He continues to take every opportunity to show his incompetence as president of the United States. So, the question is: Why is he there? Why haven’t Democrats chosen to make Kamala Harris the first woman president of the United States, and break Hillary Clinton’s hearts yet again? Most often, the answer to this question is Kamala Harris’ obvious ineptitude (which was again demonstrated when she attempted to explain AI), and the thinness on the evil authoritarians bench.

It’s also possible that the incapacity of Old Joe is a feature, not a bug. Biden’s handlers want a man in the Oval Office that won’t sneer at them when they tell him to do something and when. Biden is likely to be more grateful than resentful of the interference, as he must be aware in his clouded brain that his intellectual abilities, which were not impressive to begin, are diminishing. Barack Obama stated in 2020: “I would be happy to have a stand-in, front-man, or frontwoman and an earpiece so that I could look through the material in my basement while someone else did all the talking and ceremonies. I find the work fascinating.”

Is this what is happening right now? Obama needs to be more vocal with his earpiece and stop Old Joe from conflating Ireland and Iceland with Russia. We need a convincing figurehead if we are going to have one.