Will Biden Avoid Charges of Mishandling Classified Docs?


Have you forgotten the ongoing investigation into Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents? The media hasn’t been talking much about it, since Democrats indicted Donald Trump over blowing his nose. ABC News reported that the investigation continues and has expanded.

The network reported that “Federal agents and prosecutors from the office of special counsel Robert Hur have been interviewing witnesses for nine months. They are targeting a vast constellation of former aides, from high-level advisors to executive assistants, and at least one White House lawyer.” According to several sources, up to 100 witnesses were already interviewed. Interviews were conducted as recently as last week. Some witnesses were asked to return for further interviews. Among them was Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Don’t get too excited. I’m sure. I never thought that Joe Biden could be treated in the same manner as Donald Trump. According to the article, the investigation has “grown into a sprawling study of Obama-era White House security protocols and processes.” That alone should set off alarms. It’s possible that the investigation has expanded. But is it still about Joe Biden, or are we talking about Obama administration security protocol? If you read between the lines, the burglar gets off because the house he robbed was not locked.

Oh, my, was I right?

ABC News reported that sources who were in attendance at some of the interviews and witnesses said that authorities appeared to have uncovered instances where Biden was careless. However, based on the information they heard in the interviews, it was clear that the removal of classified materials from Biden’s office in 2017 when he left was more likely an error than a criminal offense.

And there it is.

While the media has sought to distance themselves from Trump’s mishandling of classified documents, we have learned that Biden kept classified documents in boxes inside his garage in Wilmington. Hunter Biden, his crack-head son, lived there. Hunter Biden may have had access to the documents and was using them in his business. Hunter Biden’s home contained classified documents about Ukraine. In an email sent to his former business partner Devon Archer, he cited 22 points of “research” pertaining to Ukraine.

Hunter Biden may have used classified documents to help his business, which sounds like a sloppy mistake. But there are at least circumstantial signs that Biden did so.

The story doesn’t mention that. Mark my words: this expanded investigation does not mean that Joe Biden has serious problems. I’d say they have already decided to clear him.