Lindsey Graham Booed Again by Trump Supporters in Home State


I find it very heartwarming to see Lindsey Graham, a degenerate Swamp thing in his home state, get booed while he sips like a weasel for Trump who clearly has no respect for him.

The Epoch Times:

After attendees at a South Carolina campaign event booed Sen. Lindsey Graham, President Donald Trump stood up for the Republican Senator.

Governor McMaster introduced President Trump to an audience of several hundred people at Sportsman Boats, Summerville in South Carolina. Henry McMaster was one of the first political figures to support President Trump’s bid for reelection.

President Trump stated, “[A] man that’s always there. I tell you, when I need assistance on the left, [he’s] great.” “He’s also my friend, Lindsey Graham.”

The crowd burst into boos at this point, a sign of the long-standing dissatisfaction that many South Carolina Republicans had with Mr. Graham…

The President responded, “No!” to the boos. “He helps him on the left. Sometimes we need help. Republicans shouldn’t be in need of help, but he does.

Trump is a master of hype. He knows that repeating how cozy Lindsey Graham’s relationship with D.C.’s ruling class is will only lead to boos. This is what has happened every time he tried to say “Lindsey helped me with the Left”.

The same thing happened at another Trump rally in South Carolina a few months ago. One would think Graham could avoid it, but he’s pathologically incapable. He grabs at every opportunity, being the narcissist he is.

Here is what Trump said during that rally, amid the cacophony boos and jeers.

We’re all going to love him. He’s there for me when I need liberal votes. I know that it’s a half-and-half, but he always helps me to get them. He’s good. We have some liberal people. We know who the good people are.

Trump should get rid of these chickenhawks like John Bolton and Lindsey Graham. If he is re-elected in 2024, Trump will be able to use his second term as president to appoint a new administration.