AOC Goes on Twitter Rampage After Musk Says She’s Just Not That Smart


You may have heard about the ongoing funny drama between Elon Musk and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on X.

Musk’s comments about AOC’s bizarre interpretation of Ellis Island reminded me of Donkey Kong.

What kind of comments are these?

Doesn’t she see the difference in what is happening today with the floods of people crossing the border compared to what was going on when immigration was legal and through a checkpoint? There was more checking and inspection back then. People were tested for mental impairment and given physical examinations.

Candidates who were not deemed suitable for the program had to undergo a more detailed interview and medical examination. Admission was denied if the candidate showed signs of contagious disease, poor health, or feeble-mindedness.

Doctors at Ellis Island later devised puzzles and memory tests to test the intelligence or certain immigrants. New arrivals could also be rejected if they were criminals, had a low moral code, or were anarchists.

The main thing was to ensure that the person wouldn’t become a “ward”, as we do today.

It doesn’t look like AOC knows much history, and Elon Musk, who has been blasting Biden’s handling of the border crisis, had a few things to say about that interpretation.

AOC will not take it well. She is like Joe Biden in that she doesn’t take well to being challenged or called out on her nonsense.

Ocasio Cortez stated, “I wasn’t born rich but became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress in American History.” “I investigated Cohen and wrote the largest FEMA Funeral Assistance Program ever. I led the creation of the US Climate Corps which created tens of thousands of new jobs. ”

Examine first some of the statements. She “was not born rich.” She was not born in the Bronx but in Westchester. She was not poor when she was a child. Her father owned a business. Nancy Pelosi D-CA said once that AOC would have won her district if a glass had a “D” on it.

And, no one refutes that claim. This isn’t the best answer. Creating yet another government program drains resources, and it’s a bad move.

Imagine her thinking Musk was crazy. She still owns the car.