Widow of Slain Police Captain David Dorn Slams BLM, Supervillain Kamala Harris in Blistering Op-Ed


We covered extensively the brutal murder of David Dorn, 77-year-old retired police captain and looters — for flat-screen TV — on June 2, 2020. Then we left him to bleed on a St. Louis sidewalk.

Dorn was protecting a friend’s Pawn Shop. The 38-year-old police veteran’s murder was live-streamed on Facebook in a shocking way. Ann Dorn, the widow of Captain Dorn, gave a touching speech at the Republican National Convention less than two months later.

The shop was robbed by looters. They killed David in cold blood and live-streamed his execution. I still relive that horrible moment every day.

In a 2020 tweet, my former colleague wrote: “Absolutely gut-wrenching moment from Ann Dorn.”

According to a colleague, Stephan Cannon was convicted of the murder of David Dorn in late July 2022.

Ann Dorn, in a sharp Fox News op-ed published Tuesday, accuses Black Lives Matter of being a terrorist organization and other activists like Vice President Kamala Harris, of distorting America by calling them “supervillains”

The Black Lives Matter rioter who killed my husband two years ago was finally sentenced in court last month. David Dorn, a retired St. Louis Police Officer, was my husband. He was Black. His life was important.

David was a retired police officer at the time but he continued to serve his community. Our friend owned a Pawn Shop, which was located just 10 minutes from our home but almost an hour from where our friend lived. David was the contact person for the alarm system, and would always check on the shop when the alarm went off. This was his 30th year of experience.

Everything changed for the Dorns on June 1, 2020 — forever.

St. Louis was rocked by violence on the night of June 1, 2020, when Black Lives Matter swept through the city. Firebrands set fire to buildings, looted businesses, and rioters attacked firefighters and officers.

David received a call in the early hours of June 2, 2020. He was informed that multiple alarms were tripped and that someone was at the pawnshop. He checked on the shop and saw that violence and chaos had engulfed the city.

David encountered a few rioters when he arrived at his shop. One of them was Stephan Cannon. David said it was not worth it and that the shop wasn’t too secure.

Cannon shot David in his chest moments later. He died on the sidewalk. The entire incident was live-streamed by a third rioter, and it was later revealed that David’s oldest grandson was one of those who saw the murder unfold.

Evil defined.

Ann wrote, “Ultimately David was killed because active-duty police officers, who were supposed to be protecting our streets, were told not to do their jobs.” It is evident that anti-law enforcement sentiments that have been fueled in this nation by left-wing and Democrat activist rhetoric have gone too far.

She adds that he was a superhero, but “if real-life supervillains exist, so does he.”

These supervillains look like my husband’s killer. These supervillains are billionaire George Soros and others who use their influence and power to spread extremism and incite division.

These are people such as Vice President Kamala Harris who raised money for the bail funds for the rioters and CEOs of well-known companies who blindly donated their support and money.

Harris’ deplorable activism in bail funds included her support of the Minnesota Freedom Fund. This fund raised money to bail out BLM protesters and, in one instance, a man accused of penetrating an 8-year-old child.

Ann Dorn, in reference to Black Lives Matter, says that “if a foreign organization was linked to nationwide rioting within the U.S.A, we’d probably label it a terrorist group.”

We would, and we do.

What is Captain Dorn’s view of BLM? His widow wrote:

David did not support Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter was never a good idea because it didn’t do anything to improve Black lives. David was also killed in the same year that over a dozen children were gunned down in St. Louis. Black Lives Matter never appeared. Their lives were important. Fifty-five businesses were destroyed or looted the night David was killed, many of which were Black-owned. Their livelihoods were important. My husband was a Black man who gave his time to his community for more than 40 years. His life was important.


Again, heart-wrenchingly true. Not just in St. Louis. Every weekend, the streets in Chicago’s Southside are splattered with blood from young black men who were involved in gangs. Kamala Harris is missing. Joe Biden Black Lives Matter! They continue to remain silent as the murder rate in many Democrat-run American towns continues to rise year after year.

Why? These horrifying stories are contrary to the racist narratives of leftists. Biden explains that America’s greatest threats are white supremacy and systemic racists. Assault rifles and other “weapons-of-war” in the hands of young white men are “the real” gun problem in America, they claim while continuing to attack the Second Amendment rights of the law-abiding gun owners.

It is crazy and growing more insane.

Thank God for courageous people like Captain David Dorn and Ann Dorn who continue to speak out against the madness, but mostly about hypocrisy and complicity to the rabid Left.