Biden’s Closest Aide Throws Him Over and Makes for the Exits


Since their inception, there has been a steady flow of aides leaving Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s offices.

There are many more. Joe Biden’s closest friend and aide are moving to the Transportation Department.

Stephen Goepfert has been Biden’s “body man” since his 2020 campaign. When you think about how disorganized and confused Biden is, it must have been a nightmare trying to keep his head above water.

Goepfert should also have stories to share, even with the media. This is not a common situation. Most people have worked hard to get to the White House.

Steve Ricchetti was a counselor to the President and said that he was at the border of where the President’s privacy lies and his public duties. He had to be able to use his skills and have the right touch.

This is how it should be spelled. As a caretaker for someone who should have retired many years ago.

Biden made a statement regarding Goepfert’s departure.

Biden stated Stephen Goepfert was with him from the campaign to his White House appointment.

He stated, “Jill will miss Stephen. We are proud of their continued public service and we are happy that they will serve America in the new Biden-Harris Administration role. ”

Jacob Spreyer will be the White House receptionist.

It is possible to replace people like Harris and Biden but the real problem lies with the staff. Despite trying to retool messaging or replace staff members, the policies remain a disaster.