The Archdiocese of Omaha Has Issued Gender Policies for Its Schools, and Not Everyone Is Happy About It


The new set of gender rules will be in effect for Omaha schools, Nebraska, that fall under the jurisdiction the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. The policy is available on this page. Here’s a summary.

Schools are not allowed to host, sponsor or accommodate events that are contrary to Catholic Church teachings about sexuality and gender. Students will be considered members of their biological sex.

Students can participate in sports like their biological sex. This applies to locker rooms as well as bathrooms.

Students with gender dysphoria can be admitted as long as they follow the school’s policies. Enrollment at single-sex schools is based on biological sex.

Parents and students must adhere to the teachings of The Church regarding faith, morals and sexuality. Students who refuse to follow the Church’s teachings, have their child undergo gender-affirming surgery or therapy, or are subject to cross-sex or other puberty-blocking medication will be disqualified from enrollment.

This is the message that is spreading around the internet. The school will work with parents to solve any problem. If the problem cannot be solved, the school can withdraw or dismiss the child. It is also stated that the policy allows you to question Catholic teachings, but not hostility or defiance.

Students are expected to follow Catholic teachings when it comes to dress code and behavior. This means that if your child wants to attend one of the Archdiocese of Omaha’s Catholic schools, they must follow Catholic rules.

KETV reports the policy applies only to schools under the archdiocese’s jurisdiction. The policy will not affect Catholic schools such as Creighton Prep and Marian, Mercy, or the Duchesne Academy which are under religious orders. The following statement was made by the Duchesne Academy to the TV station

Our school year just began and our policy handbook has been established. We won’t adopt the newly published policy on gender issues, but we will continue to work closely alongside the archdiocese.

The Omaha World-Herald reported that some people don’t like the new policy, while others accept it. Another person stated that they are aware that the policy is consistent with the church’s stance. Candice Towey is also mentioned in the paper as a member of St. Cecilia Cathedral Catholic Schools’ school board and has a child there.

Towey also mentioned that she had been to a Pride parade. She wondered if she would have been barred from volunteering if it was posted on social media.

Abbi Swatsworth (executive director of OutNebraska) was also quoted in the paper. She stated that it is heartbreaking when young people reach for OutNebraska because their schools and families don’t affirm who they really are. It is more heartbreaking to read about young people who have ended their lives.

Jessi Hitchins is the director of University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. She told the Word-Herald that children who have not had their gender identity confirmed have a higher chance of dying by suicide, a higher rate of not finishing high school, and a poor experience in school.

Opponents are planning to respond.