Why Trump Could Faces 100 Years Behind Bars?


Donald Trump’s indictment charges him with crimes which, if he were convicted, would see him sentenced to up to 100 years in prison. The Leftist ideologues in charge of the criminalized “Justice” Department would never go so far.

But clearly, they would.

The indictment states that Trump is charged with 31 counts of “Willful retention of National Defense Information” for which a maximum sentence of ten years can be imposed. The indictment does not specify whether Trump would receive 310 years for all charges or ten years for the total. But wait, there’s still more.

One count of “Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice” could land the America-First President in jail for twenty years. One count of “Withholding Documents or Records” also has a maximum punishment of twenty years. The “corruptly concealing a document or record” count (Hi, Hillary!) is also included. This adds twenty more years. “Concealing Documents in Federal Investigations” – another twenty years. “Scheme To Conceal” – five years more. Five more years for “False statements or representations”

Even if Trump gets ten years for the first 31 counts, he could still face a maximum sentence of 100 years. That’s impossible, right? Sure, the scandalously corrupt Merrick Garland would not give Trump his maximum. They only want to sideline him until 2024.

Wrong. The hallmark of leftist regimes is not only their intolerance of dissent but also the suppression of dissidents and the vengeful pursuit of these dissidents. Trump must be destroyed, but not just. It must be done in a way that is so shocking and spectacular, no one will ever dare to stand up and take his place. This puts not only a conviction but also a long prison sentence within reach in this case despite the apparent double standard with regard to Hillary Clinton and Old Joe Biden’s handling of classified data. It’s more likely that a conviction and prison sentence is possible or likely because the Justice Department is enforcing the same rules on Trump and Hillary as they do for Old Joe and Hillary.

Terror is the hallmark of Leftist governments. Each of these regimes that have ever ruled the world has used terror to bring people into contact with their enemies and subject them to the same brutal treatment. This was no accident. This was not an accident. It was a deliberate strategy to intimidate the rest of society into submission. You would be very careful not to do anything that could cause the rulers or enforcers of the regime to be angry.

The double standard of the “Justice” Department is even more obvious, and Garland and his henchmen never tried to dispel the idea that they had imposed a dual justice system. The goal is to demonstrate that the United States Government will use all its force against those MAGA Republicans who continue to resist the regime.

So we have people in prison who were allowed into the Capitol Building by the police, who walked around for a time taking selfies, and are now languishing without trial with almost no advocates. The chief opposition to the regime is facing the prospect of spending a century behind bars. In both cases, the underlying principle is the same – show people what they can expect if you don’t follow the rules. If the history of previous Leftist regimes is any guide, it’s likely to work with the majority: they will get in line and do their thing and use the pronouns that the regime says are right. They will just hope they don’t hear the knock at the door four hours later.

Even those who are against the Trump indictment say that the DOJ has a good case. Trump was the president at the time and had the authority to declassify the documents, but he never made an official announcement about it. This alone could send him to prison for an indefinite period of time until his bleached skeletons bear silent testimony to the futility and failure of dissent.