Biden Ally Newsom’s Failed UFO Story Leads to New Bribery Scandal Diversion


We are leery about Gavin Newsom trying to divert the attention of 2024 voters from Joe Biden’s bribery allegations. This scandal has been blown up this week after a document was released purporting that Biden had received a $5,000,000 bribe while he served as vice president.

The legacy media, instead of covering the bribery documents, have been occupied with many other stories. This includes Newsom’s plan to strip people of their God-given rights to bear and keep arms. More on that later.

This week, we were treated to a story about a UFO that “fell out of the skies” and landed in the backyard of a Las Vegas family. Two large creatures are said to be lingering. The young man who called the police said that he was “terrified” by the scene.

It was also revealed that a former official of the U.S. intelligence community, whom we know to be above reproach, stated that the U.S. Government has a secret program aimed at recovering debris from spacecraft that crashed and were not human-made, as well as attempting reverse-engineering the technology. Wow, this sounds fascinating. Congress will investigate it.

There’s been no mention in the media of the document that purports to prove the vice president of the United States of America at the time took a $5,000,000 bribe from Ukraine.

The American media is not taking the evidence of Biden’s alleged bribery in Ukraine seriously. Instead, they are focusing on the smoky air coming from Canada’s wildfires, the alleged killer of Natalee Holloway, and many other stories that have nothing to do with the alleged bribe.

All congressional representatives had access to the document purporting to show that Biden accepted bribes. Then it was time for Chaff Force 2 to be deployed by Gavin Newsom.

Newsom’s job is to decoy willing media by dropping chaff.

Remember how it works. Boris Johnson, former British PM, will explain how he created distractions by creating gaffes and other mishaps in order to get the media to ignore more important issues.

Newsom is clearly on Team Biden.

Try to spot the chaff from Gavin Newsom’s sound bite on removing the gun rights that Americans have been given by God through amending the U.S. Constitution.

Imagine that. Newsom says he will end “gun violence” which is killing fewer young people in traffic accidents. It’s little comfort, but gang violence is a major cause of death, and police departments with deficient funding are unwilling to take action.

In addition, drug overdoses kill a large number of youths. This number doubled between 2019 and 2020. It’s hard to believe that politicians will do anything about this number. The government must pretend that it cares about human traffickers who use children as mules and sex slaves to cross the border. This could upset their donors. The politicians might have to take action to deal with the homeless and drug addicts that are on the streets to upset the Homeless Industrial Complex scam they’ve perfected.

Newsom accuses Congress of failing to repeal the U.S. Constitution or pass laws that would strip 21-year-olds of their right to own guns. He wants to ban semiautomatic rifles because they are scary. He doesn’t seem to know there are background checks for all gun owners. Yet he insists on them. When he calls it a “universal check,” the Left means they want to compile a list of gun owners, their guns, and any other information they can get. They use this phrase in order to intimidate Second Amendment supporters, seize guns and spy on them using, oh I don’t remember, Bank of America. Even the Sacramento Bee calls it a dead letter. This isn’t a plan that is unworkable, it’s about the chaff – Joe Biden’s scandal of bribery.

Even People magazine, Today, and all the media outlets in between fell for Newsom’s 28th Amendment proposal. Biden was questioned about the bribe at a press conference with the British Prime Minister. Biden responded to a reporter by laughing and asking, “Where is the money?”. He also said that “That’s just a bunch of malarky.”

You don’t need to worry. The Chaff News Network will get their orders in no time. In just a few hours, UFO stories and 28th Amendment reports, Trump “indictment stories”, and Natalee Holloway photos will be even more prevalent than they are already.

The chaff has worked.