Why the Heck Did Amber Heard’s Legal Team Call Her Back to the Stand?


If you are trying to win a case, and your client is as bizarre, unbelieveable, or downright crazy as Amber Heard, don’t put her on the stand any more than you have to. A good lawyer will rely on trustworthy witnesses and experts and limit their client’s involvement. This is basic trial knowledge. In the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, however, this is not the norm. Everything is upside-down and inside-out. It’s a lot like Doctor Strange’s mirror dimension.

Heard’s lawyers instead of being safe put the Magic Mike XXL star, who is prone towards extreme exaggeration, perjury, and self-deprecation, on the stand again right at the end the defense’s time. This was to allow Camille Vasquez, the plaintiff’s lawyer, to wreck her. Heard was not pleased. It was a disaster for defense.

To appreciate the whole cross-examination, you must see it all. Vasquez was a bulldog in this case and refused to allow Heard to tell lies. It is a sight to see. It will inspire thousands of girls to dream of becoming “a Camille.”

If the media lies and claims that this trial is about misogyny then remind them of Vasquez and all the millions of people cheering her on. You don’t see it every day that a small woman can take down a bat-winged dragon with evidence and facts. They want you to believe the media and their #MeToo comrades that Heard is lying in order to keep their power. But they have not presented any evidence.

Cross-examination revealed Heard used one photo as evidence to illustrate two instances of domestic violence on two different occasions. The crux of the case, which was whether Amber Heard deliberately wrote about Johnny Depp in Washington Post and defame him in doing so, was exposed. During the cross, she admitted that she wrote it about him and intended to degrade his power.

This video will show you the deceitfulness Vasquez has been fighting for the past six weeks. It’s an amazing cross. It’s the moment we have all been waiting for, and it’s amazing.