Sen. Klobuchar Humiliates Herself With Stupid Gun Control Talking Point


How many times has it happened that liberal politicians tried to talk about guns and gun controls and show they don’t know what they are talking about?
Too many to count.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), is the latest example of a liberal politician mislead into believing they have made a good point about guns.

“18-year-olds shouldn’t have the right to purchase alcohol if they can’t buy it.” She tweeted, “CHANGE THE LAW!”

This moronic tweet currently has 111,400+ followers as of the writing.

We can immediately dismiss her talk as absurd.

Democrats keep telling us that younger people can take on more responsibility. A majority of House Democrats voted last year to lower the voting age from 16 to 16. Democrats believe minors should have the right to get abortions without consent from their parents. Four-year-olds, according to Democrats, can also make life-altering decisions regarding gender transitioning.