Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin Has a Message for Beto O’Rourke and His Supporters


The Uvalde press conference, interrupted by Robert Francis (Beto), and O’Rourke, was a rousing success. However, one of the most notable reactions was that from Don McLaughlin who was not as polite as the other.

Sir, you are out-of-line Sir, you’re out of line. Sir, you’re out of line. Please leave the auditorium. McLaughlin stated, “I can’t believe that you’re a sick son of a bitch who would make such a deal to make a political problem.”

Julio Rosas from Townhall contacted McLaughlin to get more information. McLaughlin clarified that he was not against O’Rourke having the discussion, but that it wasn’t the right time or place.

McLaughlin stated, “If he wishes to have that conversation, have it outdoors.”

McLaughlin stated that his community was in disarray and O’Rourke’s actions were unacceptable.

McLaughlin stated, “For someone to come in and start that crap — I have no respect for Beto.” “The hate-mongers who hate me and send me the texts and emails, to hell with them too.”

The mayor concluded by saying that this wasn’t about Republicans and Democrats but about Americans coming together as Americans, and O’Rourke’s attempts to make it politically was wrong.

O’Rourke would have tried to help, but if he was truly trying to help, he would have done it in a more civilized and polite manner. Instead, he waited for cameras to catch him and used an event to update the citizens and remember the innocents who were killed as a campaign stop. Many who witnessed the unfolding scene shared O’Rourke’s disgust.

O’Rourke’s loyal supporters are fiercely supporting him and his selfish actions. While this is not surprising, it’s still very disgusting. McLaughlin’s supporters are sending him hateful messages, which is a sign of how politically this has become. But the mayor is correct. This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats. Realistic solutions should be discussed apolitically.

With the help of the Democrat Party, this will not likely happen. O’Rourke created this moment of division because he knew that it would appeal to his base, which believes he speaks “truth” to the power. He didn’t. He just muddied things.