Why Not the Biggest Liars Before Indicting Walt Nauta?


Walt Nauta, a Navy veteran of over 10 years of service, is an expert in the field. He was Donald Trump’s advisor both inside and outside of the White House.

Jack Smith indicted Nauta for making false statements to the FBI. According to the indictment, Nauta did not cooperate with the Special Counsel and refused to provide evidence that could be used to convict Trump.

Stop indicating an Immigrant from Guam who is a Navy Veteran, hardworking, and faithfully obeyed the orders of the former President of the United States.

It’s more important to remind Americans of justice’s blindness rather than reminding them of its importance.

When he announced Trump’s indictment, Smith delivered a speech to the American public about the rule of law and the notion that no one was above the law.

Let’s start with Andrew McCabe. He was the former FBI interim director.

McCabe confessed to lying four times about illegally passing sensitive information on to witnesses and mishandling classified papers.

Does the crime not qualify as a felony anymore?

Does US Government allow FBI directors to lie and leak classified information, or handle it incorrectly?

Walt Nauta might be in prison, but McCabe still earns a handsome salary as a CNN critic paid to do his job.

McCabe learned the hard way that he should never “mishandle classified information”.

Nauta was reportedly indicted after he claimed he didn’t know the information that he was accused of knowing about the movement and storage of documents of President Bush.

Comey denied guilt using the exact words he used when he repeatedly refused to answer questions posed by Congress.

Was an FBI Director ever charged with pretending amnesia or ignorance before Congress?

Nauta: Have you ever recorded or leaked a private discussion with the President of the United States at the White House?

James Comey, who boasts of his “higher loyalty”, brags exactly about this.

Jennifer Granholm recently admitted to lying under oath before Congress when she denied having private stocks.

Nauta lied about her stock holdings to deceive Congress.

Joe Biden has sworn to never have discussed business with Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden is being investigated for tax fraud, and selling his influence with foreign governments. He has sworn not to have spoken with Hunter Biden.

A number of witnesses contradicted Joe Biden’s claims. In photos, he is shown standing with his sons’ associates.

Biden was a Senator, Vice-President, a private citizen, and is now the President. He has hidden the fact that he has moved classified documents for nearly 20 years in different insecure locations.

Did Biden’s movement classified documents over the past 20 years make it less egregious than what Nauta had been accused of?

Is Biden’s Corvette Garage more secure than the closets and bathrooms of Mar-a-Lago’s?

Biden’s lawyers who worked on the case almost 20 years ago only came forward after the media frenzy surrounding the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago to search for classified documents.

Is there a law that allows a senator, vice president, or president to remove classified materials, move them around, and avoid felony charges like those Nauta, Trump, and others are now facing?

The list will end with the biggest exemptions, those given to Hillary Clinton.

She is accused of the following serious felonies.

While serving as Secretary of State she illegally sent classified information about national security via her unprotected server.

She destroyed email and communication devices which were subject to a subpoena by the government.

She lied about the items that she was ordered to produce three times.

She illegally hired Christopher Steele as an opposition researcher to her campaign.

She spread false documents, with the aid of major investigative and intelligence agencies and media outlets to discredit her opponent Trump and to influence the 2016 election.


Clinton, like other self-confessed liars such as former CIA Director John Brennan and James Clapper and former FBI Directors James Comey and Andrew McCabe, is not immune from legal liability.

The country doesn’t need to hear Biden or Special Attorney Smith preach about the rule of Law.

Walt Nauta’s accusers are to blame, not him.