Tucker Carlson’s Witty Response to ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Chyron at Fox News


We reported earlier this week that Fox News on Tuesday showed a split-screen showing Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The chyron said: “Wannabe-dictator talks at White House following his political rival’s arrest. ”

Tucker Carlson discussed the incident in his latest episode of “Tucker on Twitter”. He did not hesitate to ask the question of why the left was so upset about the thirty-second chyron.

The Democrats were furious. Why was there such a frenzy? Does anyone care anymore about lies? Would anyone have complained if a cable-news producer had called Biden a genius, or secretly Sudanese? Fox News? Carlson says that while he wouldn’t apologize for it if a cable-news producer had called Biden a “wannabe dictator”, it hurt.

Tucker said in his usual style that the chyron “stung” because it was true. Then he listed several characteristics of dictators and claimed with obvious sarcasm, that Joe Biden had no resemblance.

“Of course, Joe Biden is not a wannabe dictator just because he’s trying to put the other candidate in prison for the rest of his life for a crime he himself committed. That doesn’t mean he has a totalitarian impulse. Come on, that’s absurd,” Carlson mocked.

He said, “First, there’s the money. “All dictators have one thing in common. They enrich themselves, their family, and their tribe, while the nations they rule are increasingly poor and desperate. ”

Tucker said that Saddam Hussein’s sons “lived above the law and indulged their most decadent fantasies with the complete confidence they would not be held accountable by police,” but Joe Biden did not share the same trait. He joked, “Nope. Pretend Hunter Biden doesn’t exist.”

Then he went on to list other dictatorial behavior that Biden “is not” guilty of, with the same amount of sarcasm. They included restricting free speech, disarming the citizens, the right to self-defense, tracking, and surveillance.

Carlson said that Biden’s apparent decline in mental health was similar to the time when North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung, who had a large tumor on his neck and ignored it by state media.

Carlson said, “Thankfully, it’s not happening here in the United States, or will it? ”

Carlson said, “A nation is like a family. The father of every family is Joe Biden. He is our father. Ladies and gentlemen, this is his fatherland. Please don’t call it a dictatorship, or we may have to disown your name. ”

There is much more. View the entire episode. A classic.