White House Warns Of Global Food Shortages After Ukraine Invasion


Monday’s White House confirmation confirmed that certain areas of the world will experience food shortages as a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stated Monday that “We anticipate that higher energy fertilizer and wheat prices could impact the cost of growing and buying critical food supplies for nations around the globe.”

She stated that food shortages are not likely to affect the United States but instead countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

According to reports, Russia and Ukraine produce significant amounts of wheat, barley, and corn around the world. They also provide energy and fertilizer.

Psaki assured that there would be no food shortage in the United States, but the rising cost of fertilizer and grain could have an impact on food prices.

Psaki stated that the White House would continue to collaborate with international organizations in order to “mitigate” food shortages throughout the world.

She said that there are “active discussions now” to describe the Biden administration’s efforts to address the problem.