Disney Cast Members Who Don’t Buy Into the LGBTQ Agenda Make Their Voices Heard


Disney has taken a lot out of our trips to the parks by increasing their prices and making it more complicated to plan trips. The company, which has been publicly neutral for decades, is now taking a more hard-left stance.

This line is no longer followed by Disney. Instead, they “paused” all political donations. CEO Bob Chapek, who is disgraceful in many ways, tried to press Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should resign from the legislation. The governor refused to budge in typical DeSantis fashion.

However, not everyone at Disney agrees with this bow to the LGBTQ lobby. An anonymous group of Disney cast members wrote a letter asking Disney’s management to keep it neutral. This letter is both powerful and poignant. It is what you would expect from a company that is known for its storytelling.

The letter starts, “As Walt Disney Company employees, we believe in dignity of all people.” This is why we do the things we do. Cast members declare that they enjoy what they do because it allows them to share their passion with everyone. The letter’s second paragraph takes a sharp turn.

Cast members noted that “Over the past few years, however, one group has become invisible within this company.” “The Walt Disney Company has become an uncomfortable place to work for people whose religious and political views are not explicitly progressive. We sit back and watch as our beliefs are attacked by our employer. We also see our leaders often label those who disagree with us as villains.

The letter specifically mentions how The Walt Disney Company (TWDC), has responded to the Parental rights in Education bill. It contrasts the political rhetoric with TWDC’s declared commitment to an inclusive workplace. Cast members claim that they do not feel their workplace is inclusive.

Cast members also noted that opposition to Parental Rights in Education legislation has grown louder among their far-left counterparts, as well as the push to “openly advocate” for employees being punished for disagreeing with them.

They cite an internal poll in which cast members were asked if they felt comfortable within TWDC. Many cast members didn’t answer the poll as they were afraid their answers would be used against them.

Reimagine Tomorrow is Disney’s effort to tell inclusive stories about people who are underrepresented. The cast members complain that there is not enough room for political or religious conservatives in the company’s reimagined tomorrow.

Cast members stated that left-leaning cast members can promote their agendas and organize on company time using company resource resources. They call their coworkers ‘bigots’, and press TWDC to leverage corporate influence to advance their left-wing legislative goals. Conservative and apolitical cast members work silently, afraid to criticize the company’s extreme leftward tilt.

They also pointed out something Disney should be aware of: The alienation of people who spend money on Disney’s merchandise.

Cast members wrote that “Furthermore as this politicization becomes its way into content and public messaging to our customers, our more conservative customers feel similarly unwanted.” “You cannot preach at your audience or denigrate them for too long before they choose to spend their money somewhere else.”

Cast members talk about the universality and appeal of Disney’s entertainment, how Disney appeals to all audiences for generations, as well as how it has made their dreams come true. TWDC’s management is also reminded by the cast members how Disney entertainment helped people get through 2020, despite not having any political commentary.

They state that Disney “takes sides in political debates and deprives the world of a common love we all share”

Disney should not be taking such strong and divisive stances on politics, even though they are following the lead of many corporations that have given in to the far right on many fronts.