Putin Finds Some Unlikely Allies in the United States Congress


The House of Representatives Squad is so far to the left it makes Stalin look like John Bircher. Would they cheerlead for an ex KGB man’s war on aggressiveness? It seems that the answer is yes. Stephen Kruiser, a Democratic leader observed that the Democrats were “lurching leftwards” long before AOC, her gang, arrived. They have helped to drag the party to lunatic fringes, so whatever passes for center these days is likely somewhere in Cuba. Or Moscow. Or Moscow.

Putin praised the Democrat Party for being “traditionally closer” to liberal values and closer towards Social Democratic ideas, compared to Europe. He said that the Social Democratic environment was what gave birth to the Communist Party. Fraternity and equality. They aren’t bad. They are very similar in many ways to Christian values. Although they can be difficult to implement, they are very attractive.

Good Squad members will enjoy all of this except for the mention of “Christian values”, which might be something that he may not like. The New York Post reported Saturday, that “comrades in The Squad” voted against sanctions on Russian Oil and were listening to Kremlin talk in the House of Representatives.

It may be a business decision by at least one member the far-Left Squad’s patriotic Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Mogadishu, as Omar has business interests in Russia and Russia’s oil sector. Omar’s father Nur Omar Mohamed, a colonel in Somalia under Soviet-backed dictator Siad Barre, was given a military education by the Soviet Union.

But this isn’t all. This is not all.

While condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ilhan Omar defended the sanctions and stated: “I don’t support broad-based sanctions that target any country. These sanctions are economic warfare and should be opposed by all.

Omar isn’t the only Squad member to want to be gentle with Putin. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-Ditzville), tweeted, and then deleted a call to “avoid sanctions” in order to “hurt Ukraine people.”

The Squad is not concerned about sanctions on regular workers, but it has concerns. The Post points out, however, that concerns about sanctions on ordinary civilians don’t include the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign against Israel, which Squad members openly support or have expressed sympathy towards.