White House Under Fire for Controversial Comments on Alleged Illegal Alien Murders of Rachel Morin and Jocelyn Nungaray


Recent news reports have revealed some horrific murders that were allegedly committed illegally by aliens. These include the case of Rachel Morin, a 37-year-old mother of five, and the 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray.

According to reports, Morin “illegally entered the US three times in two months before being booted – and then he managed to elude agents on his fourth attempt.”

Two illegal aliens from Venezuela have been arrested for the strangulation murder of Jocelyn Nungaray. However, you may not have realized that if you only read the AP report, as the AP did not include this information.

Joe Biden has been the target of yet another backlash for his failure to secure border security over the last three years. He undid all that Donald Trump, the former president had put in place with no regard to the safety of Americans. This was evident from the day he took over the Oval Office.

Then, he denied that there was any problem. But then in January this year, the story changed. Biden always tried to solve the issue, but the Republicans didn’t want it resolved. Trump was the one who stood in the way. This was a farcical joke, as this was one of Trump’s main concerns during his presidency.

Both the Morin murder and Nungaray killings have been addressed by the White House. The statements are so brief and pro forma. The White House would do this if it was only trying to do the minimum:

Plus, note how similar they look. The two last paragraphs were essentially identical. Someone changed the names and plugged in the format, but they are still the same.

In the case Rachel Morin

We extend our sincere condolences and sympathy to Rachel Morin’s family, friends, and loved ones. We are unable to comment on cases that are currently being investigated by law enforcement. We believe in the principle that if someone is found guilty, they should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Concerning Jocelyn Nungaray:

We send our deepest sympathies to Jocelyn’s family and friends. We are unable to comment on cases that are currently being investigated by law enforcement. We cannot comment on active law enforcement cases.

Would you be willing to put in less effort and show that you don’t care?

There is no acknowledgement of the responsibility of the illegal aliens who have entered the country. This would require a genuine concern and desire to safeguard Americans. Joe Biden’s statements are void of any real concern or desire to protect Americans.

Can I point out how false it’s that he does not comment on active cases of law enforcement? His team and he have made many comments on the legal warfare against the former president Donald Trump. It’s an excuse to avoid taking responsibility in these cases.

The Morin case is a good example of the differences between Biden and Trump. Trump called Rachel Morin’s mother to express his condolences. She was extremely grateful. Biden has been missing from action for a second time.