Bizarrely Orange Joe Biden Slams Trump Immunity Ruling, Igniting Fresh Concerns Over His Health


Joe Biden, who shuffled to the White House podium Monday to answer questions about his suitability for office, did not do anything to dispel any doubts. In response to the Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity that gave Donald Trump a partial win, the president of the United States misrepresented the U.S. Constitution and tried to change the narrative around his failed campaign.

He was also…oddly yellow.

Biden’s handlers decided that after he faceplanted and showed ample evidence of his senility during the debate on Thursday, they would apply bronzer to him to make him appear less pale. I’m serious. I’m not exaggerating. The video is not edited. You can tell that the guy is orange from multiple sources.

It may be that I am reading too much into this, but to bronze a man up just because someone said he looked like an old cadaver is a little desperate. Some handlers were worried about Biden’s physical and cognitive abilities. They thought “You know, we should coat him in self-tanner.” Forget about his usual slurring. This is a campaign in a state of drift, as I recently wrote. The ongoing collapse is not being addressed by any plan. You get what you see.

Biden’s claim is also completely false. How do I know this? His own Department of Justice has recently stated that a president in office cannot be indicted. Former special counsel Robert Hur cited this as one of his reasons for not indicting Biden over the theft and mishandling of classified information.

Biden broke the law in retaining classified information as both a senator and a vice president, even though neither office had the power to declassify. Maybe he should reserve his lectures for those who haven’t been paying attention for the past few years.

Biden left the room after only four minutes of his “press conference” without answering any questions. Four. Minutes.

What did we learn from this? Biden’s team is paying attention to criticisms about his appearance. He can’t speak for more than a pop song at 7:45 pm. This was not the way to demonstrate authority and vigor. It failed mainly because Biden is what he is. The American public knows that it’s not going to change.