Outrage Erupts Over BBC Presenter’s Vile Tweet: ‘If I Were Biden, I’d Rush to Have Trump Killed’


The left has reacted in a deranged manner to the Supreme Court ruling that granted immunity for a president’s official acts. AOC has threatened to impeach the justices. CNN’s Jake Tapper is worried that the ruling gives the commander-in-chief the authority to assassinate rivals. An MSNBC legal analyst also expressed the same concern.

Overall, “Democracy Loving” Progressives have displayed a lot of hysteria.

A British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) presenter went to a new level by encouraging Biden to kill his rival for the presidential election:

David Aaronovitch who hosts BBC Radio 4’s “Briefing Room” program had called for the 45th president’s death online, “because he was a threat to America’s security”.

Aaronovitch posted on social media: “If I were Biden, I’d rush up and murder Trump on the basis that Trump is a danger to America’s safety” – sparking outrage on the internet.

Some people responded by claiming that the post of the presenter was an “open invitation to violence” while others suggested, “people have been visited by police for much less”.

Sick stuff.

The criticism was swift.

Aaronovitch reacted to a response from Jack Montgomery, who accused the Radio 4 host of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” after Montgomery had accused him of the “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. “Didn’t you see the Supreme Court decision Jack?” Aaronovitch asked. Or were you busy with your nose in Nigel Farage’s rear?

This guy is the British equivalent of Keith Olbermann. The former ESPN sportscaster whose rants are so irrational, you worry for his safety. If you ever watched Olbermann (which I do not recommend), this guy is the British version of him.

Aaronovitch removed the tweet 90 minutes after posting it. He blamed his violent words on the right and claimed that his tweet was “plainly a satire.” It was.

He was not only inciting violence but also wasn’t a man who would stand behind his words. My arse, it’s a satire. His tweet was devoid of any satire.

The left is always portrayed as being tolerant, peaceful, and compassionate. They are the opposite of the evil right-wingers who wish to destroy humanity. They are tolerant and peaceful only when they get what they want. But when they disagree with something they quickly turn violent and destructive.

BBC won’t probably do anything about this (although it’s a certainty that if he were on the left, he would be in prison and out of work right now). But they should. This violent rhetoric can have deadly consequences.