Jamaal Bowman Pulls Bold Move as Primary Race Reaches Fever Pitch


Jamaal Bowman, a Democratic candidate in New York’s primary election is less than a week away. But he doesn’t seem to be confident about his chances of winning.

George Latimer is the Hamas Caucus’s Democratic opponent. He’s been a long-time politician in the Westchester County area and has a solid lead in polling. Latimer also gets favorable press coverage compared to Bowman, who thinks he can pander and yell his way to victory.

Bowman, when we last left you, thought it was a good idea for him to criticize another Democratic member of New York’s Congressional delegation, Ritchie Torres. He did so because Torres is a staunch proponent of Israel. Bowman claimed that Torres was not being authentic in his support of Israel because he believed Torres to have higher ambitions than the House.

It did not go well.

It was funny to hear Bowman make this claim, as it was made public that Bowman had once asked a Jewish leader for a photo of the two together to share and prove to others that he was Jewish.

Bowman’s double-faced attitude towards Israel was confirmed by his statements during an interview with the Democratic Socialists of America in late May.

Bowman, in the DSA endorsement, said that he “personally,” supports the BDS movement, but hasn’t made his support public because “of the large Jewish, Zionist, pro-Israel, AIPAC, population” of his 16th Congressional District.

Bowman, desperate to win back Jewish supporters, has now apologized for his comments at a pro-Hamas rally in November, and pledged to continue the fight against sexual abuse.

Bowman apologized to Israeli women for Hamas sexual violence on October 7, calling it “propaganda and lies.”

Bowman, a left-leaning Democrat who faces defeat next week, responded to a WNYC phone caller by saying, “I voted immediately to condemn sexual violence when the UN provided more evidence.” I’m sorry for my remarks and we will continue to work on combating sexual violence and domestic abuse in all their forms.

If a recent poll is any indication, Bowman will still have to worry about the black vote even if he manages to regain a decent number of Jewish votes.

My group, National Black Empowerment Action Fund (NBEF), recently commissioned an opinion poll among hundreds of black residents of Bowman’s District.

We found that there was a large gap between the concerns of these voters and Bowman’s priority in Congress.

Black voters, when asked what issues are most important to them, cited quality of life – jobs and economic growth (27%), crime and safety of the public (25%), inflation rates and cost of living (18%), and housing (16%).


Our poll also confirmed that, the more black voters learned about the extreme record of their congressman on the issues that were most important to them, the more he dropped in popularity.

I’ve made predictions before and been disappointed, so I won’t take a risk. Latimer is the most credible and serious threat I have seen Squad members deal with over the years.

Can he do it? Stay tuned…