Tragedy in Arkansas: Gunman Opens Fire in Grocery Store, Leaving 3 Dead and 10 Injured


The media described the incident as tragic. A man, armed only with a rifle according to the reports, shot at the front of the grocery store killing three people and injuring 10. This included the shooter, two police officers, and the other victims.

New York Times:

Police reported that three people were killed in an attack on a grocery in Fordyce (Ark.) and ten others injured.

The Arkansas State Police released a statement saying that a shooter opened up at the Mad Butcher supermarket in Fordyce, Central Arkansas around 11:30 am.

Police said that the shooter was injured by police after being shot and taken into custody.

The shooting injured ten people, including two officers of the law. The injuries suffered by the officers were not life-threatening. Mike Hagar, director of Arkansas State Police said that at a press conference, the injury suffered by the shooter was not life-threatening.

Hagar said that some of the injuries sustained in the attack were not life-threatening but others were “extremely critical”.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Arkansas Governor, released a press release shortly after this shooting via a X-post:

If you cannot see the post it says:

I have been informed of the tragic shooting that occurred in Fordyce and am in constant communication with the State Police on the scene. I’m grateful to the law enforcement officers and first responders who acted quickly and heroically to save lives. My prayers go out to the victims of this horrible incident and those who have been affected by it.

A Mad Butcher employee could be considered as a hero for leading his co-workers to safety.

Matt Gill, who was working as a butcher at the Mad Butcher in New York, heard the pops.

In an interview, Mr. Gill, a 38-year-old man, said: “Everyone was like, ‘What is that noise? “I said, ‘Madam, that’s a shotgun. “We have to get going.”

Mr. Gill claimed that he led co-workers to the back of store. However, a few clerks were separated when they fled.

At the time this article was written, there is no information on the identity of the suspect or his motive. Please pray for all those affected by the shooting that took place in Fordyce Arkansas tonight.