White House Stuns with Response to OJ’s Death – Here’s What You Need to Know


There have been many reactions to OJ Simpson’s death from cancer.

Thursday was a day of bizarre media coverage of his death. The original NPR headline was criticized for focusing solely on his football career and left out his most famous accomplishments — his trial and acquittal for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, was taken off-guard when asked by a journalist about Joe Biden’s reaction to Simpson’s death.

“Was there any reaction to OJ Simpson’s death?” The reporter asked. “Do you know if (he and Biden) ever crossed paths, and if so how? When?”

KJP appeared to be in automatic mode. She pulled out the usual response she gave when asked about deaths, which was, in this instance, bizarre.

Karine Jean Pierre, White House Press Secretary, offered condolences to OJ Simpson’s family on Thursday but did not mention the two victims he was charged with killing and then sensationally acquitted of nearly 30 years ago.

Jean-Pierre, at her weekly briefing, said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with him in this difficult time – obviously his family and loved one.”

“I’ll tell you this: I know they asked for privacy. We’ll respect their privacy. I’ll leave it at that.”

Seriously? Where are the condolences to Nicole Simpson, Ron Goldman, and their families who have suffered so much? The White House appeared more concerned about OJ’s death, than the murder of Laken Riley. Riley was allegedly killed by an illegal alien who the Biden team had reportedly let into the country. KJP could have used her “no comments” or deflection tactics at this time, but she did not. We can’t help but notice how little dignity this Biden White House has.

This was something different, even with all the crazy statements that Biden’s team had made in the past. Does she know who Simpson is? Is she speaking as she always does, without realizing what she is saying? One could assume that the second option is true, based on their response. It is in line with their other bizarre media responses.

We’ll end with a statement by some people who deserve our condolences, namely the family of Ron Goldman who was never held accountable. Maybe the White House will pay attention to this, but I don’t think so.