Controversy Erupts: University of Texas at Austin Under Fire for Closing DEI Offices


In the 1984 classic “Ghostbusters,” two academics are shown being thrown off their campus. Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman is talking to Dan Ackroyd as Ray Stantz about the next steps. Stantz complains:

I enjoyed the university. We didn’t need to do anything, they gave us the money and facilities! You have never left college! You have no idea what life is like outside! I have worked in the private sector. They want results.

There are times when a joke is funny because it is true. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs (DEIs) in the academic world of today are utterly useless. Texas has led the charge in eliminating these programs. The University of Texas at Austin, however, is doing so out of protest.

CBS Austin reported that Irene Mulvey of the American Association of University Professors blasted UT ahead of a scheduled speech conference. She was addressing the decision of UT to end DEI on its campus and lay off employees.

Last week, UT announced that it had laid off dozens of employees working in its DEI programs. This was to comply with a newly passed state law. According to The Austin American Statesman, a source with knowledge of the situation stated that 60 positions related to DEI were eliminated by UT-Austin.

According to CBS, the conference will include college educators and civil rights activists from across the state.

Mulvey stated, “The cruelty of these employees is shocking because their job is to assist students in succeeding.”

She continued, “And they’re the ones who are getting fired.” My question to the people who are implementing Senator Creighton’s SB 17 would be, “How does this benefit students?” It’s impossible to say that this will help students.

What is the benefit to students? I have some ideas.

It allows students to concentrate on classes and programs that provide them with skills they can use. DEI does not contribute to this purpose.

This is a good thing for students because it removes a program that divides them based on immutable, meaningless characteristics such as melanin content.

This is a good thing for students because it removes a racist program, such as the “cultural graduation,” that separates students based on race.

Liberal students were quick in their protests against the closure of these offices that added no value.

Erin McCormick of the class of 26 told Fox News Digital previously that most of UT’s “large liberal student community” was “pretty irritated” or “pretty annoyed” about the cancellation of Black graduation.

“It is kind of dumb that they shut it down because I feel Black graduation celebrates achievement,” McCormick stated that Latinos were not always welcomed here and not encouraged to graduate. This is because of the history Texas and UT have.

“Kinda bummy.” I hope Miss McCormick doesn’t major in English. It’s a fact: Separating people by race is never a good thing. It’s about principle, and principles are universal. A whites-only event is racist, and it’s wrong. Likewise, a blacks-only event is also racist. It’s good the Texas Legislature slapped them for allowing such a sham. The University of Texas has done students a grave injustice by allowing this crap.

Remember that the Biden Administration wants to cancel student loans for young mush-headed skulls who are drawn in by such nonsense.

Texas did the right thing by dumping these programs. It’s an important first step in reforming the academic mess the United States has created today. To the now unemployed employees of the Texas academic DEI program, I say: Do not go away angry. Just leave.