Biden Administration’s Last-Ditch Effort to Avert Imminent U.S.-Iran Conflict


Iran was on the verge of economic collapse at the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. It had little capacity to assert itself outside of funding terrorist proxy groups. The Mullahs, who were at their weakest in decades, were facing internal revolutions.

Joe Biden then took over. Iran’s military budget has grown significantly since then, thanks to the lifting of sanctions. The Islamic power is also much closer to creating a usable nuclear weapon. What did the United States receive in return? The United States received a frayed relationship with a long-time ally, Saudi Arabia, and chaos from Kabul to Tel Aviv.

Biden’s foreign policies have always failed. This post from his 2020 campaign is hilarious.

Biden is always “right” when he’s not in charge. His weakness has led to aggression. We reported earlier on Friday morning that Iran was preparing to directly attack Israel, which would lead the United States and other countries into a wider war.

American military forces have already been positioned for a response.

What does the Biden administration do to prevent this disaster? It is using the same strategy it used to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

All of these leaks, to major news organizations like The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg, are deliberate and meant to send a signal to Iran, that we are aware of when, where, and what they will do. In war, removing the element of surprise is a powerful weapon. Tehran may “temper the size and scope of its attack” in response to the revelations.

We all know that this didn’t work in Russia. Biden’s weakening around the world played a part in this. What has changed? What is the reason that Iran believes a US retaliatory attack would involve anything more than destroying some warehouses in Syria’s deserts?

The consequences of spending years bolstering and empowering an dictatorship Islamic for no logical reasons (which suggests something more sinister behind the scenes) are predictable. Biden’s approach against Russia, which was to delay sanctions to appease Moscow before the invasion of Ukraine, proved to be a huge mistake. President Obama is making the same mistake by continuing to relax sanctions against Iran, instead of announcing a tough line before missiles begin flying.

Due to Iran’s position, it is possible to exert a greater economic influence over the country than Russia. Biden, instead of using this leverage, is still playing the same failed game, desperate to leak tough talk in the press, which our enemies no longer believe. The results may be predictable. Let’s not hope so.