White House Receives More Bad News on Dem SCOTUS Messaging Breaks


We reported earlier that new information from Washington, D.C. media circles shows that, well over a week following news of the Supreme Court leak of the draft majority opinion in the Supreme Court, in which Justice Samuel Alito stated “We hold that Roe & Casey must be ruled”, it appears that no Justices’ opinions have changed. This means that there is still a good chance of a 5-4 scenario or a 6-3 scenario.

This information will no doubt send pro-abortion Democratic “leaders”, in the House, Senate, and White House, (and their rabid supporters) into fits of apoplectic fury. However, new polling numbers reveal that Americans are overwhelmingly against not only sharing the homes of Supreme Court Justices but also “protests” that take place outside their homes.

The Trafalgar Group polling data is particularly interesting because it doesn’t just include Republicans who oppose the intimidation tactics used by pro-abortion militants to intimidate the Justices.

According to a Trafalgar poll, a large majority of Democrats disagree with the White House’s view that protesting outside Supreme Court justices’ houses is acceptable.

Although 76 percent of likely voters answered no, and 16 percent said yes, 67 percent of Democrat voters stated that it was unacceptable to demonstrate in this manner. Twenty-one percent of Democrats think it’s okay to protest in the courts’ private homes.

The Biden White House is worse than ever because 52% of likely voters think that his refusal to condemn the actions taken by protesters has encouraged them to be more illegal and could lead to more violence.

The White House has been repeatedly asked where they stand regarding both the leak and the aggressive tactics used by far-left abortion fanatics in the week that has passed since the news of the Alito draft majority opinion was leaked. To put it mildly, their answers were troubling. Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, refused to answer whether the Biden administration would consider Roe v. Wade’s overturning as a “legitimate ruling” by the Supreme Court.

Other times, Psaki has inexplicably called the marches in front of the Justices’ houses “peaceful demonstrations”, despite the fact it is against the law in the U.S. Code.

The White House tried to “clean up” its confusing statements Monday about home protests, but on Tuesday, they went right back to the beginning, with Psaki declaring alarmingly that they encourage peaceful protests outside the Justices’ homes.

As Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) Fox News Tuesday pointed out that this is a dangerous path to follow. If something happens to any Justice or their family members, then the Biden administration should also be held responsible.

Even if ultimately nothing happens to the Justices – and we pray they all remain safe – the polling here indicates that BidenCo. has a serious messaging problem regarding this situation, which puts them in a major bind. If they all of a sudden go soft and tell the protesters to stop their marches at the Justices’ homes, they’re going to seriously alienate their base of supporters in a crucial midterm election year. But if they maintain their current stance – which has been to encourage them, they’re pushing away moderate voters and even some Democrats who view what’s going down as over the top and unacceptable.

Contrary to what Democrats believed at first (including the leaker), that exposing the draft majority opinion to the media would be in the left’s favor, it turned out that this has, as my colleague pointed out earlier, backfired spectacularly.

It is a joy to see it, especially when it comes to issues such as this.