Tim Scott’s Glorious Response to Biden’s Treasury Secretary for Saying Abortion Helps the Job Market


South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was a living example of how a child can rise from poverty to become a prominent politician of his generation.

Scott was questioning Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary, during a hearing at the Senate Banking Committee. She was currently testifying on Tuesday about the economic benefits of abortion.

Scott asked: “Just to clarify: Did you mention that ending a child’s life is good news for the labor participation rate?”

Yellen was a typical Yellen-Esque speaker about how women can help the economy by having pregnancies canceled at their will. It would be easier for them to enter the workforce and have the best possible life.

She stated, “And one of the keys to a fulfilled life is to be able to feel that you have the means to provide for your children and that they are valued. ”

Many people who have abortions are teens and poor women, especially those from the black community.

Yellen said that it leaves children without the chance to continue their education and get into the workforce. This means that children will become poorer and more miserable. ”

Scott had no choice but to get her out.

Scott said, “I’ll only say that as a son of a black mother living in extreme poverty, and a man who was raised by her, I am grateful to have the opportunity to be here as an American senator.”

Checkmate. It’s over.

Democrats have targeted black communities, in particular, for their abortion racket. It is hard to imagine what other extraordinary men and women could have been born to do something that would have made a difference in the world.