Amber Heard’s New PR Guy David Shane Needs His Own PR Guy Because He Just Got #MeToo’ed


David Shane is the CEO of Shane Communications, the new public relations company just hired by Amber Heard in light of the bad press she’s been receiving after Johnny Depp’s team brought out evidence at her defamation trial proving that she has stiffed sick children and the ACLU.

But Shane is having his own problems now. A post is circulating online accusing Shane of sexual misconduct. You could say that he’s been #MeToo’ed. The post includes a screenshot of what is purported to be a post in a public Facebook group accusing the CEO of being a sex pest.

“I met this man on the dating app Raya,” says the anonymous post. “He took me out on two dates and then tried to take complete advantage of me in his condo in West Hollywood … When I said no to most of the things he asked me to do, he kicked me out. His name is David Shane. He seems to be someone who does this to a lot of women on the app.” The accuser claimed to have filed a complaint with the dating app.

The post came with another screenshot of what is reported to be a text message between someone named David and the accuser where “David” offers money for sex. “Let’s play and I’ll Venmo you,” the text reads.

The dating app Raya advertises itself as an exclusive app for wealthy individuals and celebrities. People report that it is difficult to get on it and that many are rejected. The app has made the news for kicking members out for violating the privacy of its celebrity clients. PJ Media reached out to Raya to find out if David Shane has an account and if, as reported, anyone has filed a complaint against him. We did not hear back from them at the time of publication but will update if information becomes available.

There’s no way to confirm if random allegations are true, and the timing of it is a little too “on the nose.” One text message screenshot and someone’s anonymous story shouldn’t be a basis to destroy anyone’s reputation, including Shane’s. These could both be faked. But considering that Shane is repping Heard, a notorious liar who used her story of dubious domestic violence to bolster her career while destroying her ex-husband’s, it’s at least ironic if not hilarious.

The phrase “hoisted on his own petard” comes to mind. Shane’s website is not working properly, the contact information and all menu items have disappeared. His social media accounts also appear to be inactive.

It should be noted that I am a great defender of due process, and Shane deserves the presumption of innocence like all people caught up in the #MeToo hysteria — including Johnny Depp. No one should ever take internet rumors or one-sided accusations as truth. (But it’s still a little funny that it happened to Heard’s crisis manager.)