White House Pushed Twitter To Censor COVID-19 Misinformation


Twitter was forced by the White House to remove tweets that contained “misinformation” regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. This happened even though Twitter users shared information from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The latest bombshells from Twitter Files show that the White House “rigged” the COVID Debate by censoring information “inconveniently government policy,” discrediting doctors, experts and suppressing ordinary users (including those who shared data with the CDC), journalist David Zweig tweeted Monday.

Zweig stated that the campaign to discredit misinformation about pandemics began under President Donald Trump. It was continued by President Joe Biden. Biden’s administration was focused on eliminating accounts of anti-vaxxers, including Alex Berenson (ex-New York Times reporter), who was banned in June 2021.

It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. It is not a vaccine,” Berenson tweeted in regards to the COVID-19 vaccine. “Think about it as a therapeutic with a limited efficacy profile and horrible side effects that must be administered in advance of illness.

The platform banned two doctors from being experts after they claimed that vaccines were not necessary for adults or children who have the virus. Zweig claimed that the flu virus is less dangerous than the flu and banned the other doctor for saying so. Zweig also said that this was “legitimate, but inconvenient to public health establishment narratives about flu and COVID in children.”

According to Zweig, the White House expressed dissatisfaction with Twitter’s inability to take “aggressive” action against those who have questioned the vaccine or its critics. Zweig cited Twitter’s head for U.S. policy.

Zweig also found that Twitter’s moderation was mostly done by bots and contractors from places like the Philippines. Their lack of medical expertise contributed greatly to many errors in its censorship. Zweig also said that the censorship was caused by bias in former Twitter leaders.

This latest report follows previous revelations that Twitter was being pressured by the FBI, CIA and other government agencies to comply with political pressure. This report is part the “Twitter Files,” which refers the new investigation by Elon Musk, Twitter’s CEO, into previous events on the social media platform. It includes Twitter’s handling Hunter Biden’s laptop and the blacklisting certain conservative accounts. Also, it relates to the decision-making process in relation to Trump’s suspension.