Rachel Levine Pressuring Big Tech to Shut Down Gender Misinformation


Grabien received a disturbing video from Admiral Rachel Levine on Monday. This video shows Levine speaking at a Federation of State Medical Boards event in May. It didn’t get much attention at the time, and given what we are seeing now from Twitter files about censorship & big tech now it reveals an important piece about government pressures on tech companies and the effort to influence even schools and state medical boards.

Levine informs other state medical board doctors that they have an important role to play. He said that there was a “substantial misconception” about “gender-affirming care for youth and adults.”

All of us need to work together in order to raise our voices at the front lines. It is important that we all speak out. We can do that. We know how efficient our medical community is at talking to communities, be it at schools, town halls, or conversations with other people. And we need to make use of our clinician’s voices to advocate for tech companies in order to create a cleaner, healthier information environment. The healthcare worker community and the medical community do, I believe, maintain high levels of trust during a time when trust in our leaders is low and our information is under threat. We must use this trust effectively.

Levine doesn’t just say that people who wish to transition can do so. Levine also attacks “misinformation” and says they rely on tech companies for their will. Levine talks also about reaching out and pushing this message to schools.

Who decides what constitutes misinformation? It is the top government official who declares what constitutes misinformation and tells the boards that they must collectively communicate this to tech companies.

Is it “misinformation” to say that Levine was a biological male? That’s science, and it’s true. If the government tells you what you must believe, and then presses tech companies to create a “healthier, cleaner narrative,” that is censorship, and it’s problematic constitutionally.

Levine asserts that “gender-affirming treatment for youth and adults” has a “positive value”. (Translation: possibly changing/cutting body parts) Levine made this claim before, and we pointed out that it’s not true that everyone agrees. To Levine and the Biden Team, “science” does not mean questioning whether it is a good idea for a 14-year-old to have body parts removed or take puberty-blocking medications. Science is about following the government’s instructions. Levine wants to ensure that this narrative doesn’t only apply to the federal government, but also applies to the states.

Already, we have seen how problematic it is when the government gets involved with social media and attempts to control speech. The old Twitter had Babylon Bee, a satire website, removed from Twitter because it called Levine a man. That absurd suspension was what sparked Elon Musk’s interest in purchasing Twitter. This led to the freedom and greater speech that we now see on the site. Is that part of the bid to create a “healthier” environment as the Biden team demands?