Business Owner Opens Fire on Looters During Buffalo Blizzard


The situation in Buffalo continues to be a disaster. As a result of the so-called bomb cyclone, which brought freezing temperatures and rain to the region, power has been out for several days. Because Buffalo borders Lake Erie, it was particularly hard hit than other Northeast regions.

However, not everyone is still stuck in the snow. Some people have managed to get out of their homes in time to loot. Christmas Day saw videos of ransomed businesses surface.

Some people have suggested that this is okay because they are stealing necessities. They are not just stealing essentials, as the other videos showing the rumpled interiors of these stores prove. It’s not an excuse, but two.

It was a year (or two years) ago. The South was hit by an extreme weather event, which left many areas without power for a long time. Some areas even for over a week. My city was among those affected. Due to the snow and the ice, we couldn’t get out of our area for several days. The power was out for the majority of the week. According to my knowledge, nobody stole anything. People weren’t taking down the Wal-Mart three days after the storm. There could be an alternative where people are forced to steal their necessities. There isn’t much evidence to support this in Buffalo.

It’s not being bought by some store owners in the area. The video appears to have been taken on Sunday night and shows gunfire as a business owner defends his shop from looters.

(WARNING: Language)

The video begins with a group of people fighting in the street. The camera is held by a woman who shouts about an “Arab”, (I assume that’s the owner of the business) with a gun, telling people to run. The chaos ensues after a few seconds when gunshots start to ring out.

The video also shows that cars are moving around while the power is still on. There is no excuse for looting a store under such conditions. Buffalo’s mayor addressed anarchy by calling looters “lowest among the low”

There may be an apocalyptic scenario in which looting is morally acceptable. It is possible to loot a few days or even a day after a blizzard. These stores are owned by people. This is their livelihood, and insurance does not cover everything or all merchandise losses.

Some people don’t care about others and the police can be useless when society collapses. This video will serve as a reminder about why exercising your Second Amendment rights is important.